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Whey Protein Vs Chicken Protein

Whey protein vs chicken protein has always been a debatable topic. Both whey protein shakes and chicken protein as in meat of chicken is staple for bodybuilding. Chicken is a meal packed with protein and other important nutrients based on what part you eat. Whereas, whey protein is always meant to be the easiest and quick absorbing protein which you can even use as meal replacement or snack between meals. Though these both are excellent source of protein, there are different criteria that can be debated. Which is better the whey protein vs chicken protein ? Lets find the answer to this query.

Whey Vs Chicken

There are few of the points that we can discuss to find the winner between whey protein vs chicken protein, but it is not necessary to mention that both of them has equal importance in diet.

Source of Protein

Whey is the component of milk and byproduct of cheese making process. While it is naturally found in milk, the extraction process is very costly. It takes around 200 liters of milk to produce 1 Kg of whey protein. It is way expensive not only in terms of product, but also raw material.

Whereas, chicken needs no explanation at all. It is one of the poultry item that we have been consuming from way past. The protein and other nutrient content depends on the part of chicken meat you are having. Both of these protein source whey protein vs chicken protein though has complete chain of amino acids. It is more convenient to choose your protein source after taking look at some other points.

Whey Protein Vs Chicken Protein

Taste and Preparation

Whey protein come with different flavor and texture. Upon nice search through the market, you will find flavor of your choice and can have multiple flavors for different time of the day. The preparation is simple as well, you just add scoop of whey and add water to the bottle, shake the bottle and its ready to drink.

Chicken is a very raw platform for your creativity. With just few changes in ingredients and techniques of cooking, your whole eating experience can change. There are plenty of healthy and easy recipes for chicken to prepare from. It is one of the most versatile meal to  prepare.

Digestion and Absorption

Whey protein has the highest biological value for digestion and absorption. Your body quickly absorbs whey and the nutrient is released inside the body for quick repair of muscle tissues.

Whey Protein Vs Chicken Protein

Chicken on other hand provides slow and steady release of nutrients in the body. Your body slowly digests the chicken and the nutrient release is slow. The release of amino acids are slow and gradual giving you constant supply of nutrient.

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Intolerance and Caution

Whey protein is derived from milk. People who are lactose intolerant will find it very harsh in drinking whey protein as it contains enough lactose content to make the stomach upset. On the other hand, chicken too can cause problem if you so not cook it properly. Whey protein or chicken protein both will also be based upon your medical issues as lactose intolerant might find chicken to be convenient source.


Both whey protein and chicken protein can be found in powder form. Whey protein vs chicken protein, which is best though? While whey protein can be drank as shakes, it can also make any food protein packed as an ingredient. In terms of whole food though, chicken protein is an absolute better choice as the whey content in dairy product is very less.

100 gm of boneless chicken breast contains almost 20 gm of protein and only 2 gm of fat. Whey protein in cheese on the other hand provides 24 gm of protein with almost 33 gm of fat. So, chicken as a food source is definitely great choice.

Verdict on Whey Protein Vs Chicken Protein

As said earlier, though these two protein source might have differences, they have equal importance in their own way. Whey protein as a meal replacement would not feel great while chicken protein as snack would be a bit much. Based on the versatility, availability and other few factors, chicken protein would be a great choice unless you are professionally competing and care or every bit of protein that gets into your stomach. Whey protein vs chicken protein will always be a hot debate topic, be sure to leave a comment down below to tell me what you like more.


Beginner Guide to Workout

Every champion was once a beginner, the only thing that makes them different is dedication and will to never give up. Many people every year just make resolutions to take on fitness and be fit. But just like any other wish list, it remains unchecked. Working out is not a difficult task, but not knowing proper way to workout is definitely dangerous. Everyone needs a detailed guide to properly workout, specially beginners. This beginner guide to workout will serve as a base to boost the confidence of any beginner out there. Just remember to never give up, rest of things will sort themselves up.

Beginner Guide to Workout

Beginners Workout

Everybody is different, the muscle attachment and length, every thing is different. Though everyone seems to be doing every exercise they can, you definitely want to start from the very beginning. Once your foundation is strong, the frame you will put on it will definitely be strong and well suited.

Getting used to

First thing first, you need to get used to the techniques first. The exercise though being the natural movement for your muscles, you body is not ready for high resistance yet. Get used to the basic exercises, body weight first.

Perform body weight exercises like squat, pull up, push up etc. These exercises are very basic yet very important for the foundation. It will work all your big muscle group like shoulder, chest, back, leg etc. Give some time to getting used to first.

Beginner Guide to Workout


Being Familiar with Machine

Machines are your best friend during first phase of your training. These machines are designed to work every muscle group in specific way. Using machine will make it easier for you to remember the pattern or form of exercise. Relying too much on machine is not advised as well, but being beginner, its alright.

You will find machines like flat machine press, preacher curl, cable machine, pec dec fly, seated cable row, shoulder press, etc. all of them work certain muscle. Learn the form correctly and make your body used to the movement. Once you correct your form, you can start with free bar version.

Strength comes first

Whatever your goals are, strength comes first. The beginner guide to workout emphasizes on building strength first than building physique. The reason is simple, without adding strength, you cannot progressively overload your muscles. If you don’t overload your muscle, you will not add muscles as significantly as you need to.


Strength building exercises are all the compound exercises in every body part. Compound exercises are those which involve more than one muscle group to perform the exercise. Like deadlift, it involves lats, traps, delts, legs, etc. main muscles to complete one repetition. Bench press, squats, shoulder press etc. are few of the compound exercises.

Know your goal

Building strength is one thing everyone needs to have in list. You need to have specific goal in your fitness journey. Decide what you want out of the workout session. You might just be after building strength or physique, you might be after bodybuilding or just workout to remain fit. Every goal of yours will have definite set of exercises and techniques.

Like for the power lifting, you need longer rest period with lesser repetition, body building has its own preferences etc. So, having a goal in mind will help you choose set of exercises for you.

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Be Consistent

One of the main thing that you need to be doing is being consistent and focused on your goal. Arnold would never have been successful if he was on and off exercise every now and then. Making fitness a new year’s resolution won’t help you achieve the thing you are looking for. Have a workout plan for yourself and stick to it. It doesn’t mean you don’t need to experiment, the basic theme of similar exercises are same, only the movement are different.

Beginner Guide to Workout

Make your diet right

Diet is everything that can go wrong for your fitness. You don’t need to be extremely strict when it comes to diet if you are just working to be fit, else pay good attention to what goes in your mouth. Eat according to your macros and daily needs. Eat clean and avoid sugary and fried food as much as you can.


When these points are just right, everything will eventually fall in its place. Being fit shall never be a choice, but obligation. If a person in family seeks fitness, everyone else will eventually bend towards the same fitness. Being fit is for your self and no one else. This beginner guide to workout will help you start your workout journey. Once you figure your way around how things work, you will not any more need this beginner guide to workout. Best of luck with your fitness regime.


Best Oblique Exercises

Abdominal muscles or commonly known as “Abs”, are in high demands by whoever is involved in fitness aesthetically. But the abdominal muscles alone cannot give the crisp look. All the supporting muscles when contribute equally to the look, even average looking person looks shredded. The only muscle that will give you the illusion of being shredded even before having visible abs are “Obliques”. Oblique muscles run diagonally on the side walls of the abdominal muscles. These muscle will give you the crispness in the abs even before you have actual visible abs. Some of the best oblique exercises are given in the post forward.

Oblique Muscles

There are basically 2 types of oblique muscles, external obliques and internal obliques. They run on the side walls of the abdominal muscles.

Best Oblique Exercises

External Obliques:

External obliques extends from lower half of the ribs to the pelvis. It helps rotate the trunk, also it pulls the chest as a whole and helps contract the abdominal cavity.

Internal Obliques:

This muscle is situated right below the external oblique. Internal obliques extends from the lower end of the rib-cage, rectus sheath and pubic crest. This muscle supports the abdominal wall, rotates and turns the trunk, helps in forced respiration and also raising pressure in abdominal muscles.

As a whole, obliques are major muscles in keeping the trunk area stable and help in the rotation movement.

Best Exercises for Obliques

Some of the best oblique exercises are as follows.

Air Bike or Bicycle Crunch

One of the easiest yet benefiting exercise in the list is bicycle crunch. It is easy and you need not do a ton of crunches in this exercise. It mimics the twisting motion of the body.

Best Oblique Exercises

    • Lie flat on the floor facing upward.
    • Keep you hands behind your head straight.
    • Keep your legs straight and core tight.
    • Bend your 1 leg and bring it towards your core.
    • Rotate your upper body towards the bent knee.
    • Try touching your knee and elbows on the opposite sides.
    • Continue the slow and controlled reps till you feel the burn.

Russian Twist

Another great exercise is the russian twist among the best oblique exercises. It mimics the upper body rotation, ultimately working out the obliques.

Best Oblique Exercises

    • Sit down on the ground with your knees bent.
    • Carry a small weight for extra resistance.
    • You can plant your feet underneath a table or something, or just keep it on the ground.
    • Suspend your upper body making angle greater than 90.
    • With weight in hands, twist your straight arms from side to side.
    • Perform slow and controlled reps.

Side Bridge

Best Oblique Exercises

    • Start with the side plank position.
    • Holding on the side plank position, let your hips dip down and back up.
    • Perform the slow reps on each side.
    • It will help strengthen the obliques.

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Seated Barbell Twist

The key thing you need to take care of is not to overload the bar and perform the slow controlled reps.

Best Oblique Exercises

    • Take a medium length barbell behind your neck.
    • Keep upright torso and slight arch in the back.
    • Keep you back straight and head looking forward.
    • Now twist your upper body from left to right keeping head straight.
    • Hold the stretch for a moment and return to starting position.
    • You might not need to add weight to the bar or can just add small weight.

Windshield Wiper

It falls on the tough side of the exercise. You need to have proper mobility in your pelvis and control over your movement to perform this exercise. You can either do it on the floor or hanging from the bar. Best Oblique Exercises

    • Lie down on the floor facing upward.
    • Raise your legs straight towards the ceiling making 90 degree with your upper body.
    • Open your arms outwards to make a stable base.
    • Slowly lean your feet to either side of the body.
    • Continue till you feel right or meet the floor.
    • Return to the starting position and do same for other side.
    • Perform the movement as windshield wiper hence the name.

Wood Chopper

It mimics the movement of cutting the tree with axe in diagonal direction. This is done with cable of weight.

Best Oblique Exercises

    • Grab a cable or plate.
    • On cable, keep the cable position high up your shoulder.
    • Grab the cable with both hands and stand facing away from the attachment to the side.
    • Pull the cable from upward position to the ground on the opposite end.
    • Hold the contraction and the stretch.
    • With weight plate, bring the weight up above your head diagonally in controlled way.

Take Away

Oblique muscles are easy to train and develop, yet requires hard work. Few of the best oblique exercises are discussed in the post. These exercises can fit into the schedule of any level athlete from beginner to intermediate to the advance. Just give enough time and effort and have patience, you will be ripped and shredded in no time.