Biceps Workout at Home

biceps workout at home

The most desired and visible part in a human body is biceps. If you tell someone that you workout, they will first measure your biceps. It is common practice and desire to train biceps more often. No matter you have any knowledge of not, the first thing in gym you do is curl. So, we will discuss some of the biceps workout that you can do at home.

biceps workout at home

Biceps Structure

Biceps is made up of two muscle group, biceps brachii and biceps brachialis. Brachii is two head muscle, long and short. And biceps brachialis is muscle with golf ball shape on the side of arm, between biceps and triceps. So, you will need to hit all these muscles for overall development of biceps. Some of the biceps workout that you can do at home are given on subtopics below.

Biceps Workout

Some of the cool, simple yet effective biceps workouts are as follows.

  • Chin ups

    Chin ups are great exercise for your back as well as biceps. Your biceps are active throughout the movement. Taking advantage of that, hang a little longer, holding with those biceps. Performing chin up will work your back and biceps giving you double benefit.

  • Biceps Dumbbell Curl

    You can gain size just with some set of dumbbells at home. Just perform dumbbell curls and maintain your form, you will notice growth. Steady your upper part of arms and curl the weight.

  • Dumbbell Hammer Curl

    You need to work that brachialis as well. It is also taken as forearm muscles. Perform hammer curl  with dumbbells with full range of motion. A fuller look with proper muscle balance will definitely make your biceps pop out of the sleeves.

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  • Lifting objects at home

    You can start off by lifting heavy objects at home. You don’t always need proper setup to workout, just lift objects at home. The whole purpose of exercise is to stretch and contract the muscle.

  • Resistance Band Curl

    If weight is your problem, you can use resistance band. They have property that increases the tension with stretch. You will have awesome biceps training with these resistance band.

  • Pose Regularly

    Posing is nothing but holding the contracted position of muscle. While you pose, you burn energy and without lifting any weight too u can feel the burn. So learn posing and use it to your advantage.

Wrapping up

Biceps is small muscle group. They don’t need tremendous amount of weights to grow. You can perform simple biceps workout at home and yet see them take shape. The most important thing though is diet. A good diet has no alternative, so maintain your diet and train well.

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