Prevent Muscle Loss When Not Working Out

The most painful thing a bodybuilder cannot bear is “Muscle Loss”. We follow several tips to add muscle to our body. To see those crisp definition in muscles is what we train for. When we lose fat for the first time, we realize that the actual muscle we have in our body. We then start working out more and more just to add frame to our thin body. We need to know the tips to prevent muscle loss when not working out as well.

Firstly, our body will not hold on to the muscles more than the requirement for survival. It’s a fact and we cannot change that scenario. When we workout continuously, we work against the tendency of body to get rid of extra muscle. Muscles are live bodies, then need to live on nutrients that our food supplies us and blood pumps them through heart. Fat are dead bodies, that is why it’s easier to gain fat than it is to gain muscle. We will discuss some of the tips and tweaks to prevent muscle loss when not working out in this post.

Prevent Muscle Loss When Not Working Out

Tips to Prevent Muscle Loss

You will surely lose a part of your gain and it cannot be controlled. But we can surely save some of those hard-earned muscles through tweaks listed below.

  • Physical activities
    If you cannot continue working out by any reason, get involved in physical activities like swimming, running, hiking, jogging, trekking etc. Just be active in any sense. Damage happens when you stop using those muscles.
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  • Maintain your calorie
    To maintain weight without gaining fat, maintain your caloric intake with balance of all macronutrients. Protein helps in building muscle mass and when you are constantly utilizing the muscle, you will not lose them extensively.
  • Mild Workout at Home
    There are plenty of easy yet effective body weight exercises that you can perform at home. Stopping workout doesn’t really mean that you won’t be doing any. Just do few of them and keep those muscles fresh.
  • Get sufficient sleep and relaxation
    When you get sufficient rest, your body will perform well. All the functioning of your body will be right which will balance your hormone levels. Your hormones determine the overall wellbeing of your body, when they are functioning well, your body will maintain your healthy weight well.
  • Limit Alcohol intake
    By not quitting drink, but limiting the intake, you will limit the destructive effect of the alcohol. Excessive alcohol intake raises the estrogen level and knocks the testosterone level in your body. So, you better drink in limit.


These are few of tips to prevent muscle loss when not working out. You can easily adopt and adjust these tweaks in your daily lifestyle. It is not that hard. Though you cannot save all your hard-earned muscles, you will definitely prevent fat gain and damage the looks of those precious muscles.

How to Maintain Weight After Losing It

Losing weight is like conquering Mt. Everest these days. It never was nor is difficult to lose weight. We get on a diet to lose weight, follow the diet and be happy with results. Now we are very much satisfied with what we have. The mistake we do is we get off the diet not knowing how to maintain weight after losing it. All our effort equals nothing. You will have several diet plans to add mass and lose fat, but if you don’t know how to maintain that, you won’t have that result last longer.

Unfortunately, many of us who lose weight end up just gaining it back. The weight gained is as fat most of the time. It makes you look fluffier than before. In fact, if you look at the statistics you will find that only about 20% who started overweight end up successfully losing fat and keeping it off in long term. The only thing you will need apart from diet and exercise is patience. Don’t worry and follow some tried and tested tips to save your hard-earned weight loss.

Why do We Regain Weight?

  • Extreme Diet: One of the main reasons is extreme caloric deficit in hope to lose weight fast. This causes sudden change in your metabolism and you tend to confuse your mind. You end up gaining it back when you are off diet.
  • Wrong technique: When you think is dieting just for a certain phase and not for long-term, you will definitely give up and end up gaining it back soon.
  • Unsuitable habit: When you don’t have enough will power to make it a habit, you will not incorporate them in your daily life. Unless you make good things your habit, you will always find yourself disappointed. Don’t make it a rule, just make it a part of lifestyle.

Tips to Maintain Weight After Losing It

Daily exercise

A regular exercise is what will keep your metabolism in check. Exercising will maintain the flow of hormones on their level and keep you active. It will help you burn extra calories. When you start burning the same number of calories you take, you will maintain your weight. Sticking with a clean diet and regular exercise will help you maintain your weight and health.

Eat breakfast daily

Breakfast is the first meal of the day. When you wake from long hours of sleep, you burn up all the foods you ate at night. Have breakfast daily and you will have energy to last till next meal. Eating often in small portion will help maintain weight as your body will be constantly burning energy to digest food.

Eat lots of protein

Protein is the building block of muscle. When you eat a lot of protein, you gain lean muscle which is dense than fat. You will look and feel great. Protein effect your hormones and induce a sense of fullness. This will decrease your appetite and help you maintain your weight after losing it.

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Make notes

Making notes about what and how much you eat, will help you keep track of your weight loss journey. If you write it down, you will give more emphasis towards improving the number. You can track your exercise and diet and you can take any required step towards improving it.

Stay motivated

Motivation is very important. There are many things that can disappoint you, but really few to motivate you. Stay determined because it might be a slow process, but it will definitely provide long term results.

Weigh yourself everyday

Weighing yourself everyday can be motivating and disappointing all at once. If you see the number climbing, you will either be happy or sad dependent on your goals. But don’t let it come between your goals. Always work towards improving your numbers.

Stay hydrated

You will be amazed about how much improvement you can see just by staying hydrated. You skin will look healthier, you will look fresh, your stomach will be healthier and you will lose weight as well. Drinking a lot of water will help you lose water weight. If you drink water before meal, it will decrease your appetite.

Enough Sleep

Sleep is a must if you want to protect your hard-earned weight loss. While we sleep, our organs get enough rest and our muscles get time to recover. While in deep sleep, our body releases growth hormones which helps in growth and maintain weight. Moreover, good 7-hours sleep at night will wake you up fresh and energized.

Be consistent

Whatever you have been doing, at least be consistent in it. Consistency is something that will teach you body to adopt to the new lifestyle. When you start making little changes to lifestyle, soon it will become part of your daily life and you won’t be cheating yourself any more.


As a conclusion, we can see that losing weight is not a big deal, but to maintain is real task. When you know what you eat and how much you spend, it becomes easier to track your weight and maintain it. Be consistent and disciplined in your weight loss, you won’t find it hard to maintain weight as well. These were some of the tips to maintain weight after losing it, hope you all will like it.

Benefits of Exercise

Exercising isn’t something that you are forced to do. Nobody forces you to exercise, but you must understand that to keep all your body parts healthy, they must be involved in some physical activity. But like many Americans and other busy people all around the world, you too have a sedentary job and you too have no time to exercise. Well, it is always said, its never too late, you just need to have the will to start. You don’t need to be jacked like those bodybuilders, it’s their profession, not yours. All you need to have is a balanced diet and little bit of physical activity. If you think the benefits of exercise are limited to just maintaining weight and having that bikini body, then you aren’t 100 percent right. These are just a part of exercise benefits, there are many more than this.

Top Benefits of Daily Exercise

Regular exercise and physical activity of any kind is beneficial to your mind and body health. Some of the benefits of daily exercise are as follows.

  • Weight control:

    Regular exercise along with proper diet helps you lose unwanted weight and prevent obesity. When you burn more than you eat, you lose weight and vice versa. The point here is that what ever you eat must be clean and exercise is a part of the plan.

  • Reduce heart diseases:

    Daily exercise helps you lose unwanted weight. This means your heart will have to work less to supply nutrients. When there is less fat in your body, there is no blockade for the circulation of blood by heart. This will keep your heart and reduce the risk of heart disease.

  • Maintain blood sugar and insulin levels:

    Exercising can help you stabilize your blood sugar level and insulin spikes. These are something that can cause you type 2 diabetes. And if you already have this disease than exercise can help you manage it.

  • Improve mental health and mood:

    During exercise, you body releases chemicals that makes you relaxed and you feel good. It helps you deal with stress and reduces the risk of depression.

  • Improve the functioning of your brain:

    Exercising releases chemicals and hormones in your body that helps in the protein synthesis and improves the functioning of your brain. You get sharper, think wisely and your judgement skills improves as you age.

  • Strengthen your bones and muscle:

    Regular exercise with proper diet helps youths to build stronger bones and add muscle to their body. This will make you strong and you look young and energetic for very long.

  • Improve your sleep pattern:

    Exercising can help you maintain your schedule as it becomes habitual. It will improve your sleep pattern and enough sleep means you will wake up fresh and active.

  • Improve your sexual health:

    Regular exercise may lower the risk of erectile disfunction (ED) in men. It will help you with the sex life with your partner.

  • Increases life expectancy:

    Studies have shown that exercising or any kind of physical activity will reduce the rate of immature death. You live young and strong for very long time. People in ancient china, japan and other countries used to live 100 years with ease.

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Make Exercise Your Routine

To make exercising your regular routine, you need to follow some rules:

  • Make tweaks in everyday activities: Applying small changes in your lifestyle will make you habitual to exercise. You can take stairs instead of lift, walk or cycle instead of vehicles and many more.
  • Have workout partner: Having a workout partner will help you push yourself further and even make exercising fun task. You can choose to go on a hiking, playing sports and many other with your friends.
  • Keep track of your goals: When you keep track of your performance, a slight improvement will motivate you to go further. You will start seeing results not only physically, but mentally as well.
  • Make exercise fun: Listening to music will exercising, changing the exercises in a month or so, challenging yourself, these will help to make exercise fun.



Physical activity is very important for healthy life. You can build your physique working out and feel good about yourself. There are a lot of benefit to exercising, you just need to address them and keep moving forward. Be active, this is the moto of life. Understand the benefits of exercise and start from today.