5 Components of Fitness

Fitness isn’t just how much you can bench, squat or deadlift. It isn’t how heavy you weight or how ripped you are. Fitness doesn’t see what type of training you are into. There is lot more to call yourself fit. Fitness is a composition of many different criteria. There are 5 components of fitness. 5 components that when combined together determines what level you stand in terms of calling yourself fit. 5 components of fitness acts as the pillars upon which the roof of fitness sits. We will talk about the 5 components of fitness in this topic and ways you can improve your fitness level.

5 components of fitness

5 Components of Physical Fitness

There are 5 major areas of physical fitness that you can work towards improving your overall fitness. They are as given below.

  1. Cardiovascular Endurance

    It is the ability of heart and lungs to work together as per needed. This typically determines whether your heart and lungs perform together to provide the oxygen and fuel to the body over long period of time. Ticking this box brings you closer to determining your total fitness. You can improve your cardiovascular endurance by incorporating cardiovascular activities. You can perform activities like running, cycling, swimming, jogging etc. to improve in this field.

  2. Muscular Endurance

    This is the ability of your body to perform particular exercise for a long period of time. These workouts are generally tested either without weight or very light weight. Examples: push ups, squats, dips, chin ups, etc. You can progress in muscular endurance by performing exercises 3-4 times a week for 30-45 minutes.

  3. Muscular Strength

    It is the ability to lift moderate to comparatively heavy amount of weight with full control over the weight. Muscular strength is the total amount of force your muscle can produce. Regular exercise will preserve your muscular strength challenging the age factor. Be sure to exercise at least 3-4 times a week. During workout, choose weights that are heavy enough to challenge your muscles. The general exercises for testing muscular strength are bench press, deadlift, squat, bicep curls etc.

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  4. Flexibility

    Flexibility is the ability of free movement of the joints through full range of motion. It ensures longevity and bone density. Good flexibility in muscle is very important to contract, relax, lengthen and balance muscular strength. Flexibility ensures free movement of joints as well as preventing stiffness and soreness. You can improve flexibility by performing regular stretching. Warm ups and stretch before exercise and stretch after workout maintains the health of joints. Yoga is perfect example for the flexibility training.

  5. Body fat percentage

    It is the measure of available amount of fat as compared to the lean mass, bone and organ mass. Ideal body fat percentage for men: 13-18%  and for female: 19-24%. The body fat percentage can be measured using skinfold caliper method or bioelectrical impedance and few other. These tests can be done by health clubs or by referral of your physician. Follow low calorie diet with very less added sugar and well monitored carbs. Perform exercises 2-4 times a week between 30-45 minutes minimum.


The composition of all 5 components of fitness determines what your goals are and where you stand. It is very important to tick all these 5 boxes to ensure well balanced and fit mind and body. The meaning of fitness is changing from person to person over brief course of time. There excessive dependence upon the performance enhancing drugs. The debate is on many other topics rather than on the level of fitness. Being fit is for own self, and you better be fit to live long, healthy and happy life.

Facts About Body Fat

Fat for most of the people is just the hanging portion in your belly area. You do everything to get rid of it. You just want that portion of the body to look “FLAT” not knowing what it actually means. If you search for “get rid of belly fat”, you will find that there are almost thousands of searches every month. So, today we will discuss some facts about body fat in this post.

Facts About Body Fat

Body Fat and Types

Just before you can tell fat is good or bad, there are 3 types of body fat. They come in different colors with respective functions. White, brown and beige are the color. All these have specific function in body.

White fat is the most common and what we call it useless fat. We want to get rid of is this layer of fat. White fat is just the excess of food that is stored by the body. It doesn’t have any specific function rather than just storing energy.

Brown fat is the fat that actually helps in burning calories and can help in fat loss. Brown fat is utilized by some of the animals to maintain the body temperature to keep them warm. Unfortunately, even though it has calorie burning property, it is very less in amount in humans.

Beige fat is the one in between. It is metabolically active than white but not much as brown. It sits between them. Researchers are searching ways to convert these white fat into beige through supplement, diet and medication. It will help in fat burning. There are certain exercises that trigger hormones that can convert white into beige.

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Facts About Body Fat

There are many facts about the body fat. We are fooled by the information that we have around us. Some of the facts about the body fat are as below.

  • Only a specific diet will work: It is a complete fooling fact. There are tons of diet plans out there which can help you get your ideal body fat. Every body is different so you never know, one working for you might just be opposite to others.
  • Abs exercise will reduce fat: If you think so, you are in great myth. Working abs will just tone the muscle, it has nothing to do with belly fat reduction. Rather, excessive crunches and in bad form will give you back problems. If you are relatively thin, it will tone your abs to look better.
  • Less fat intake means fat loss: It is both true and hoax. While not eating fat much will reduce caloric intake and result in fat loss, not taking quality fat will skip you from benefits. Right kind of dietary fat will help you in your fat loss.
  • Belly fat is dangerous than other area: Belly area has all your vital organs. Fat in this area increases the chances of heart diseases. The fat surrounds your vital organs and clogging these organs will affect the health of your heart.
  • Exercises burn fat: To be precise and clear, exercises don’t burn fat. You burn calories first, then fat. That is why the first step is caloric deficit in fat loss. So, create a caloric deficit and exercises by not just HIIT or cardio, but some heavy lifting. This in turn will help burn excess fat after you have burned your calories.
  • Spot reduce fat: You cannot spot reduce fat. It just ain’t happening. If someone tells you this, don’t believe. Fat comes and goes altogether. It is difficult to reduce fat in lower area of belly, but it will eventually go away with proper diet and exercise.


Hence, these are few of the facts about body fat. Some of the facts you might be familiar with and some you have just come across for the first time. It is easier to snack on fast foods than to maintain a healthy diet. It will be hard at first, but not impossible. Follow these facts about the body fat to know how wrong or right you were.

Weight Loss Plateau

We all hit plateau at some part of our life. Plateau is a state when you fail to see any changes despite of all the effort you are putting in. In fitness, hitting a plateau is rather common. It can be in any form, you can hit plateau in weight loss, muscle gain, progressive overload etc. We will discuss why weight loss plateau happens and why plateau happens in general. We will also discuss the ways to overcome those plateaus.

Why Plateau Occurs?

Our body is the most complex and yet intelligent machine of all. The functioning of our body can be imagined as any of those machines, but it is intelligent.

The body is designed primarily for the survival purpose. We were meant not to live luxury life, but to survive. That is why, our body quickly adapts to the circumstances around us. It might take time, but it surely adapts. This is the main reason why we hit plateau. Whatever we are doing, our body quickly adapts to that and ceases to show any progress.

In weight loss too, when the body reaches equilibrium, the state when the input and output of energy equals, we hit plateau and the weight loss ceases. We no longer lose weight nor gain weight.

weight loss plateau

How to Break Plateau?

It can differ person to person. If you have high metabolism, it can be harder for you to see results in weight gain after plateau. While slower metabolism will hit weight loss plateau more often.

The plateaus can be broken simply by following tips:

  • Progressive overload: Increase intensity either with adding weight or increasing reps
  • Switching programs: You can as well switch programs to overcome plateaus.
  • Proper rest: If you provide enough recovery time to your muscles, you will definitely recover faster and recruit those muscles effectively.
  • Changing your diet: There are many dieting techniques out there, you can try them to see how your body reacts.
  • Taking more rest days: Sometimes a simple day off from workout might benefit you. I tend to see much difference in strength and size after a week off from gym.
  • Apply little tweaks to your workout: Increasing the range of motion, holding the contraction, increasing the time under tension, etc. can be beneficial to burn off the muscle.

Weight Loss Plateau Breaker

Weight loss plateau is no different from other plateaus. It too requires tweaks to overcome plateau. You progress stalls whenever you reach plateau and its frustrating. Fat loss will take away some of your muscles too, you cannot avoid this. Here are few tips to break weight loss plateau.

  • Go Slow: If you aim to lose weight fast, it will not only be temporary, but also fast in reaching plateau. You will hit plateau faster when your body reaches the threshold or equilibrium. So, the trick is to take time and go slow, taking away few hundreds of calories every week.
  • Cut back on carbs: Cut on carbs and not protein or fat intake. When you provide less energy, through carbs, body will switch to secondary power source, FAT.
  • Track you daily events: Tracking your workout, nutrition, will give you clear vision of what you are trying to achieve. Whenever you have clear view or your path, you can achieve goals much easily.
  • Don’t skimp on Protein: Protein is essential for muscle building. Muscles are live mass and require energy to perform. Larger muscle mass will require higher energy hence you can create more deficit in calories.
  • Increase intensity: Either by adding weight or repetition, add intensity to your exercise to burn off more calories.
  • Try Intermittent Fasting: If you have been stuck in the process for long, you can try intermittent fasting. Intermittent fasting is just another way of creating an illusion of caloric deficit in body.

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  • Caffeine can be your friend: While water is the best fluid you can take in, caffeine can be your friend as well. Water has no calorie and still boosts metabolism. Coffee and tea contains minimum calories and good amount of caffeine which can help in fat burning.
  • Fat burners: Fat burners are another great supplement, mind it “Supplement”. They are meant to help in fat burning, not burn fat alone. So, I suggest you to add fat burners to your stack once you have hit plateaus in the natural process of burning fat through diet. They mostly contain caffeine that can be found in coffee and tea as well. if you take fat burner at first, you will have to deal with high dosages of caffeine later on.
  • Be active throughout the day: Being active apart from the intense and on point diet can help you gain an edge over your existing process.
  • Don’t rely on Weight Scale alone:  If you don’t see the scale moving, there can be much more odds than just plateau. You can be adding weight while losing fat and the scale won’t show that. So, trust on how you feel rather than what you see.


Hence, these are few of the topics on what plateau is and how you can break through it. Its always easier said than done. So, be sure to be on point with your diet, exercise, sleep etc. You can get results only as much as effort you put into it. These are few of the tips and tricks on weight loss plateau. Do let us know for improvements.