Best Hamstring Workouts

Leg is your lower half of your body. The major muscles between knee and pelvis are quadriceps and hamstring. Quadriceps or “quads” being the visible muscle, it gets most attention and is easier to monitor. But hamstring on the other hand is not visible and we seem to care less about it. For optimal knee and joint health, the strength of quads and hamstring should be in ratio 3:2. This means you just cannot work hamstring less and hope for healthy knees. Some of the best hamstring workouts are given in the post below. Be sure to at least give them a try.

Hamstring Workouts

Hamstring is your 3 headed muscle formed of biceps femoris, semimembranosus and semitendinosus. Though it is most neglected muscle in body, it definitely separates pro from beginner, and big girls from cardio bunnies.

Function of Hamstring

There are number of functions of hamstring, the major being stabilizing knees and many more.

    • Hip extension
    • Knee flexion
    • Posterior tilt of pelvis

Though these might not seem like much, these are major component for running, sprinting, or even moving. Stabilizing the knees is the most important function of the hamstring. If you want better health and functioning of your joints, hip and hamstrings are the areas to work on. Hip joint acts as the linking muscle of upper body and lower body, while hamstring links hip muscles to knees.

This is why, proper care and exercise selection is important to train hamstring properly targeting all the areas of the muscle.

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Few of Best Hamstring Workouts

Following few are among the best exercises that you can do for overall development of the hamstring muscles.

    1. Romanian Deadlift (Stiff Legged Deadlift)

      There might not be any other exercise as romanian deadlift that can give you promising results even with baby weights. It is by far the best exercise for your hamstring as you don’t need ton of weights and are secure from hurting yourself. A deadlift when done with stiff shin without any movement and maximum hip flexion, you have romanian deadlift.

      • Load a barbell with appropriate weight.
      • Begin with deadlift position.
      • Pull the bar upward as in deadlift.
      • With legs stiff with very slight bend at knees, lower the bar down hinging at the hip.
      • Until you feel control able stretch, lower the bar, then raise it back up.
      • Don’t lockout as deadlift at top, finish the movement just before the lockout.
        Best Hamstring Workouts
    2. Glute Ham Raises

      Another great exercise that doesn’t even need weight to perform is glute ham raises. All you need is your hamstring strength and upper body weight. This exercise particularly targets your glutes and hamstring muscles to totally different level. This exercise focuses on knee flexion. It tests your knee strength.

      • Settle on the machine, if you don’t have machine, you can do it on the floor by anchoring your feet.
      • Keep your core tight and have a neutral back, don’t over arch.
      • Slowly lower yourself while you feel stretch on your hamstring.
      • While you are down, contract your hamstring and raise yourself up.
      • Perform slow controlled reps.
        Best Hamstring Workouts
    3. Lying Leg Curl

      One of the common legs workout machine that you can frequently see on many gym is leg curl machine. Lying leg curl, as name suggests is curling movement of you legs in lying position. It also focuses on knee flexion. It is easier to perform and one of the best exercise that you can do for your hamstring.

      • Lie down on the machine facing downwards.
      • Keep your knee just below the resting pas of machine.
      • Curl the weight towards your hip by contracting your hamstring.
      • Perform slow controlled reps.
        Best Hamstring Workouts
    4. Seated Leg Curl

      Seated curl is similar to lying leg curl, the only difference is that you stay in the seated position. Similar to the leg extension machine, there is leg curl machine. The goal is to contract the muscle.

      • Be seated on the machine and choose appropriate weight.
      • With legs straight on the pads, start to squeeze your hamstring and contract it hard.
      • Hold the contraction and return to the original position.


People often workout just to increase the weight in the bar. Be wise and choose weight accordingly. With hamstring, even lightest of the weight can give you soreness if you have proper mind muscle connection. Few of the best hamstring workouts are discussed in the post. These few hamstring workouts will definitely reward you with nicer looking hamstring.

Beginner Gym Workout Routine Female

As the awareness for physical health is growing throughout the world, female are seen involving in physical activities more often nowadays. It is very important for female to involve in physical activities. Women are far more likely to develop osteoporosis than men. They have thinner bone than men and likely lose the strength as they age. So, it becomes important for them to involve in activities to keep themselves fit and healthy. We will discuss some beginner gym workout routine for female in this post. We focus on gym because it is the widely available option and easier one as well.

Beginner Gym Workout Routine Female

Common Misconception in Female

There is one major misconception or myth among female that they will bulk up if they workout. It is nowhere near reality. Looking at some professional female bodybuilders and thinking they might bulk up as well is not fair. Those female bodybuilders have put years of training, strict diet, discipline to achieve what you see now.

Female in general have 30% less muscle fiber than male. So, with the amount of hardwork equivalent to male,  they still won’t have similar results. So, this is just a myth that needs to be broken among female.

Another misconception is that cardio alone will take care of their weight loss. While it is correct, with only cardio, they are sure to hit plateau at one point in time. Strength training will not only break that plateau, but also strengthen their muscles.

Workout Routine for Female

Lets discuss some of the beginner gym workout routine for female. As a beginner, you need to have proper distribution of weight training, cardio and rest. While your body is getting used to the strains of the weight, it is preparing to strengthen the muscles. There are no subtle difference in the male and female beginner workout routine, it depends on the individual body strength. Given below is beginner gym workout routine for female. There are no specific splits for the beginners and working whole body might help them get used to faster.

Beginner Gym Workout Routine Female

Workout Routine A

ExerciseSet x Reps
Leg Press2 x 8
Goblet Squat1 x 15
Barbell Bench Press2 x 12
SM Shoulder press2 x 12
Lat pull down2 x 10
Seated cable row1 x 15
Calf Raises1 x 25
Ab crunches2 x 10

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Workout Routine B

ExerciseSet x Reps
Barbell Squat2 x 8
Lying Leg Curl1 x 15
Dumbbell Chest Fly2 x 12
Dumbbell Side Raises2 x 12
Pull Up2 x 10
Dumbbell Deadlift1 x 15
Dumbbell Shrugs1 x 25
Hanging Leg Raises2 x 10

Beginner Gym Workout Routine Female

Workout Routine C

ExerciseSet x Reps
Leg Extension2 x 8
Lying Leg Curl1 x 15
Push Ups2 x 12
Dumbbell Shoulder press2 x 12
Wide-grip Lat pull down2 x 10
Dumbbell Row1 x 15
Triceps Pushdown1 x 25
Biceps Curl2 x 10

Given above are 3 sample workout routine. You can mix these workout routine within a week with cardio day in between and rest day as well.


Above workout routine will make your body used to with exercises. Beginner gym workout routine for female will help beginner female to burn fat and strengthen their muscles at the same time. The beginning phase of the gym is very crucial. You need to take good care of following things:

    • Maintain proper form
    • Focus less on lifting heavy
    • Have adequate rest
    • Have balanced diet
    • Avoid supplements right at the start

Take good care of these points and you will be patting yourself on the back for your progress.

Lats Workout at Home

Your back is filled with many big and small muscles. Lats or latissimus dorsi is one of them. Lats are a huge chunk of muscles that gives you the most desired V-tapered look and width in your back. The bigger the lats, the wider you look. They create the stability in the upper back while providing the path for the shoulder and arms to work in unison. Lats workout at home is pretty possible, just you may need to invest in a pair of dumbbells.

Lats Anatomy

Muscles in general have their origin and insertion points between bones. This is how it extends and contracts. Lats in general originates from the lower 6 vertebrate and inserts into the upper arm bone, just below the shoulder joint. This wide origin but small insertion point gives the lat somewhat triangular shape. It is pretty distinctively visible muscle in your back and one of the key pose involves flaring them in competitions.

lats workout at home

Lats Function

Lats primary function is extend, adduct, rotate arms, and draw shoulder inferiorly. In simple words, its function is to pull the elbow close to the body, pull the arm down and back. Drawing your shoulders means you can fully extend you arms up above your body, without folding your arms.

Lats Exercises

The lats workout at home that you can perform will revolve around the function of the lats. Training the muscle in the same way it naturally performs is best for the growth and health. given below are few of the lats workout that you can perform at home without a problem.

  • Pull ups

    Pull ups are by far the simplest exercise to perform, yet tough one to master. Your lats are in perfect position to pull you up to the bar. The very first thing you will need to do is learn to pull with your lats, rather than biceps.

    1. Position yourself below the bar.
    2. Pic your grip (pull up or chin up).
    3. Now begin pulling yourself up by retracting your shoulder blades back.
    4. Hold the contraction at top and return down in controlled way.

lats workout at home

It might be harder to perform as a beginner, but eventually you will learn your way up.

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  • Bent over rows

    This is another useful exercise with tons of variation. You can literally change the muscle targeting with a slight change in movement. You can perform this with a barbell or dumbbells as well. At home, you can perform this exercise with a dumbbell and perform single arm version.

    1. Bend at your knees and hip keeping your upper body straight and almost parallel to ground.
    2. For single arm dumbbell row, hold a dumbbell in one hand and take support with other.
    3. Pull the dumbbell straight up squeezing your back to target upper lats.
    4. Similarly pull the dumbbell to your hips to target your overall lats.
    5. Perform slow controlled reps to put more stress on your muscles.

This might sound complicated, but it is fairly simple exercise.

lats workout at home

  • Lat Pullovers

    Pullovers are great exercise to target both your lats and chest at the same time. It stretches you lats while opening your ribcage muscles. You can perform it with chest or back, only thing that differs is range of motion.

    1. Lay flat on a flat bench with dumbbell between your palms.
    2. Keeping your shoulder blade squeezed, and arms straight, lower the dumbbell back behind your head.
    3. The lower you go, the greater is the stretch in your lats.
    4. Bring the dumbbell up just above the forehead until you feel stretch on the lats.
    5. Repeat the movement but in controlled way.

lats workout at home

This awesome exercise will help you build the lat in easiest way. This will also help you strengthen your core and chest muscles.


These might just look three simple exercise to perform, but the pull up alone is enough to build your lats. Perform these exercises at home to get the best possible results from lats workout at home. For a casual being looking to look good will definitely be impressed with the results they can get out of these simple exercise.