Chest Workout at Home Without Equipment

Chest Workout at Home Without Equipment

Not all of us are gym freak. Not all of us can manage going to gym, yet are very passionate for fitness. Some can’t afford the gym fees, while some can’t make it to the gym in their areas. But there are almost all the exercises for whole body that we can do absolutely without any weight. It is quick easy and affordable version of workout. When your nutrition is clean, little effort in exercise can give you desired results. Here is a chest workout plan at home without equipment. You will not require any weights or any fancy equipment.

Chest Workout Routine Without Equipment

Basically, the best and the only best thing you canĀ  do for chest are push ups. There few other ways you can target the chest muscles but nothing will hit them like push ups.

  • Wide stance Push up

    This is done similar to the regular push up, the only difference is that the stance is wider. The wider the hands apart, the focus is shifted more towards the pectoral muscles. You chest will be in full stress throughout the exercise. So you would better drop to your knees if you feel like drooping your form. Do 4 sets of 15 reps and you will be pumping those chest muscles in no time.

  • Diamond Push up

    Opposed to what wide push up is, diamond push up uses all your muscles in upper body to stabilize and work those pecs. It is also called triceps push up because it puts great stress upon the triceps. Bring your hands together and make a diamond shape with the hands facing the floor. Now begin the regular push ups. Do 3 sets of 15 reps and your triceps and chest will be on fire.

    Chest Workout at Home Without Equipment

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  • Chest Dips

    Chest dips are the very simple yet very effective exercise to target and lengthen those chest muscles. If you cannot find any parallel space where you could rest your hands and do dips, you can place 2 chairs in parallel. While doing so, just make sure the chairs are anchored correctly. While doing the dips, slightly tilt your body forward so as to target chest more than the triceps. Do 3 sets of 10-12 reps.

    Chest Workout at Home Without Equipment

  • Decline Push up

    Having targeted the lower chest with dips, and middle chest with almost every variation, now let’s hit upper chest. Do a leg elevated push up. Place your feet on surface higher than your arms. In this way, you can shift your focus towards the upper chest. Hit 3 sets of at least 12 reps.

    Chest Workout at Home Without Equipment

  • Pull Overs

    Now finish off the workout with pull overs. You might have see the barbell version, dumbbell version but this one is different. To add the extra weight, just grab any heavy object you can find in your house. Do the pull overs with that weight and finish off your chest workout at home without equipment. Pull overs basically lengthen your pecs. The lower you go behind, the greater will be the involvement of lats. Do 4 sets of 15 reps.

Conclusion for Chest Workout at Home Without Equipment

To achieve the aesthetics, you don’t really have to do tons of bench press or cable crossovers or chest fly. You can achieve the strength even without weights. Your body weight will help your achieve your goal. This is the chest workout plan without equipment at home. Follow the workout and watch your strength and aesthetic grow.


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