Coronavirus Workout Tips

Coronavirus Workout Tips

This coronavirus pandemic outbreak has been affecting lives for a while now. To battle this situation governments around the world are shutting borders and keeping their citizens under lockdown as per the guidelines of World Health Organization(WHO). The control of this pandemic situation is possible only if the contact between people is kept under check and proper distancing is maintained. Hence, crowded places are shut down which has put gyms and physical fitness centers all around the world to closed state. According to WHO, keeping ones immune system strong is one better way of battling the coronavirus. Hence, working out is absolutely important not only to keep yourself safe and sound, but also to keep your health under check with these coronavirus workout tips.

Coronavirus Workout Tips

So, we really have not got much option rather than working out at home following home workout tips and maintaining proper diet. Here are few of the coronavirus workout tips that will not require you to even leave the premises of your house.

Covid-19 Workout Tips

Home workouts are not really fun when you don’t have much access to the resources like dumbbells and barbells. We can make the workouts interesting by utilizing weights in our home. Here are few of the coronavirus workout tips that you can do in your home for whole body exercise.

Push Ups

Push up has always been best compound exercise to work your upper body including back, chest, shoulders, triceps and more. To make it more fun, you can do variations of pushups to work all the heads in chest. Basic variation are Inclined pushup, Declined pushup and Normal pushup. To make it more athletic, you can add variations like clap pushup, one hand pushup, dead-stop pushup, eccentric pushup and many more.

Coronavirus Workout Tips

Pushup really is a great include in your coronavirus workout plan. It stimulates not only chest muscle but also shoulders and triceps to great extent.

Pull Ups

Pull ups are often termed as king of back workout. It can be performed not only as a major exercise, but also as warm ups and finisher exercise. The variety of this exercise not only will help you sculpt the back muscles, but also the core muscles and biceps with involvement of shoulders.

To perform pull ups, you won’t have to have pull up bars, you can perform this exercise hanging from any spot or elevated area in your home. You can even use your door to stick towel between the panels and use it to perform the exercise.

Some of the variation of pull ups are classic pull up, chin up, narrow grip pull up, muscle ups, etc. Include pull ups in your workout routine during covid-19 and you can work out most of the upper body staying at home.

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Abs Exercise

You can closely monitor your progress in abs during this covid-19 pandemic situation as you are staying inside you house most of the time. You can perform abs exercises that don’t even require involvement of any other weights or equipment. Exercises like abs crunches, oblique crunches, planks, leg raises etc can be done at ease of your own home.

Coronavirus Workout Tips

Lower Body Exercise

The easiest and effective exercise that you can do at your home is walking around your house if you have got premises around or you can climb stairs. Climbing stairs will work your glutes, quads, calves and hamstrings as well. In addition, you can do squats and lunges with just water bottles in hands. Calf raises can be a great exercise for the calf development which doesn’t even need any special equipment or even weights.


You can control your diet so well during this pandemic situation. All those fast foods you have been craving for and munching on is closed. And it is probably the safest to cook your own food and enjoy them. This way you can keep track of calories and nutrients you are taking. There are information available from WHO as well for the corona virus diet. 

Coronavirus Workout Tips

Take Away

Hence, we are not sure when this pandemic is about to get normal. It isn’t even safe to workout in masses in gyms and public areas. Hence, just leave your house when its absolutely needed and continue your fitness journey inside you home. So its better to stay home and save lives right now.

Follow these simple coronavirus workout tips, you will feel great and help boost your immune system. Its really prime priority of every individual to follow the health guidelines and stay home till its safe to be outside.

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