Deficit Calories to Lose Weight

Deficit Calories to Lose Weight

You body is just like a vehicle with carburetor. When you provide fuel, your vehicle runs well. When tank is empty, the vehicle goes into reserve. Your body as well until you feed yourself, it will functional normally. Excess food will be stored as fat and rest will be utilized in daily activities. When your intake is less than output, your body will use the reserve fuel, Fat. Lets discuss how you can deficit calories to lose weight.

What is Calorie Deficit?

Whenever your input is less than the output, there is a deficit. In terms of food as well, when you eat less than you burn, you create calorie deficit. It is also true when you spend more than you actually eat.

A caloric deficit is shortage in amount of calories consumed relative to the amount of calories required for the maintenance of current weight. It can also be created by burning off calories more than you actually eat. If you can create a deficit of 3500 calories per week, you can lose 1 lbs of body fat. To reduce 1 kg of body fat, you will have to deficit 7000 calories.

Deficit Calories to Lose Weight

How Calorie Deficit Works?

Deficit is creating imbalance between the input and output calories. When you consume more than maintenance calories, you create a calorie surplus. Calorie deficit happens when you consume less than maintenance calories.

To maintain a certain body mass, body needs certain calories to fuel the body aka maintenance calories. Fat, that we often want to get rid of, is the natural energy reserve of our body. Our body in terms of emergency can break down those fat cells and provide energy to the body. 1 lbs of fat accounts to 3500 calories. So, if you can just create a shortage of 500 calories a day, keeping other macro nutrients in check, you can lose 1 pound of body fat in a week.

As we know, carbohydrate is the energy source for our body, so creating deficit also means taking in less carbs during your cutting period and keeping the protein intake same. In this way, you utilize fat for energy more and maintain the lean mass as well.

Methods to Create Calorie Deficit

There are few ways to do so. You can create an actual deficit or confuse the body creating an illusion of deficit. Some of the methods are:

  • Consuming less
    Knowing you maintenance calories, you can create a calorie deficit just by decreasing the intake. To maintain lean body mass, decreasing the carbs in the meal would be ideal. Keeping protein intake high will ensure saving your muscle mass. When you consume less, your body will have to utilize fat to fuel itself.
  • Spending more
    Calorie deficit can also be created by spending more calories than you consume. Either way, there is shortage of calories and body fat is utilized. You can spend more by exercising, performing HIIT cardio and others. Some substances like caffeine can increase the calorie expenditure by increasing the physical activity level, and increasing the heat output.
  • Intermittent Fasting
    Intermittent fasting is considered as creating calories deficit to lose weight. Well, I like to call it more like changing your body’s way of working with calorie. While intermittent fasting, you eat within certain time frame and don’t consume anything rest of the time. In fasting mode, your body holds onto the energy window, spending throughout the day. You are ultimately creating a shortage of calorie even if you are consuming well over your maintenance calories. The diet should be clean and healthy though.
  • Water Fasting
    Water fasting isn’t just a calorie deficit, but a total shut down of calorie intake. You feed on water all the time and as we know, there are no calories in water. Though it kind of looks off topic, but it too is creating deficit right. You carry on your daily task despite of not eating anything.

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Benefits of Calorie Deficit

There are many benefits to calorie deficit diet. Some of them are:

  • You lose fat when your diet is in check.
  • As fat molecules are larger than muscles at same weight, you will look leaner.
  • You can maintain healthy weight and fat level in your body
  • Healthy lifestyle can be sustained
  • Less and healthy food will stress your digestive system less.
  • Healthier heart.


Hence, these are few of the tips on calories deficit to lose weight. You can create deficit in multiple ways and get your desired body shape. You can create a healthy lifestyle and maintain healthy weight after you are done with calories deficit to lose weight and want to maintain that weight.


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