Fitness Software

Fitness Software

“Fitness Industry”, that’s right, it is an industry with huge margin for business. We now have a lot of well facilitated gyms in our areas. Everyone around is just concerned about their health, so, to find members for gym isn’t a hard task. The hardest part is to manage the members. This is where the fitness software comes into play. While traditional book keeping technique might work for very small gyms, it definitely is a painful experience for others. So, today lets find out about how these gym management software works, what they are and what are few leading¬† software in the market.

What is fitness software?

By the name itself, feels something related to fitness. That’s right. Gym management software, studio software, scheduling software, anything you can call it. This software solutions help businesses that offer membership and classes as service to their client to keep track of them. It helps in scheduling for their client, keeping track of payments, daily logs and many more. Fitness software makes the painful book-keeping task easier and all in one place.

Who uses fitness software?

There isn’t just a specific individual or group who can use these software. It is generally for all the business that provide membership and classes to their client. Anyone from personal trainer to traditional gyms, dance studios, spas, saloons, yoga studios and many others can benefit from this software. These are generalized software targeting mass of business rather than bunch of people.

How is it used?

These software can be used to create classes for the client, schedule employees to the specific clients, make reports etc. These can also track your employees hours, keep track of members, sell gym merchandise, and many more. It’s like doing multiple work all in the same place, one software for all.

Fitness trainers use the software to look up for their timings and what number of people have signed up for it, while customers track their schedule for the classes, book classes, pay for their classes and few others. It is done through either dedicated app provided or through the website of the company.

Benefits of such software

Think yourself as a gym owner. You need to track the membership, your employees, take note of the payments, maintenance, scheduling of the classes and god knows what more. It is a tough task. Might seem easier and manageable at first, but as you grow, there’s no other option than opting for the software. Some of the benefits of gym management software are as below.

Fitness Software

  • Membership management

    You can easily keep track of your memberships. You can track all the members, your employees member’s data, their bills, can schedule classes to the members and trainers. Gone are those days of writing emails and making calls for the payments.

  • Financial reporting

    As you have all the data about the revenues and expenses, you can track your financial status. You can see the individual statements of the members, their participation, trainer’s and employees’ data and hence settle any dispute that has to arise. It also becomes easier to make financial choices for your business.

  • Billing and Point of sale

    As a gym owner, you depend upon the your paying members for the services. You should look for the software that can handle the credit cards and recurring payments. With the recurring payments, neither gym owners nor clients have to worry for the late payments or late fees. Some also offer Point of Sale. Through the system the owners are able to sell their products on their websites and handle the financial transactions through the software. It makes it easier for the gym owners.

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Some of the Best Fitness Manager Software

There are many software out there. Among them, there stands free and open source gym management software. While it might seem fine to work with them at first, but a paid version is way secure, reliable, loaded with features and you will have 24/7 support. Some of the top software are:

  • Perfect Gym Software

    Perfect gym is a gym management software that is rich in features like client portal, point of sale, customer relationship management, etc. The client portal helps client to sign up for new membership or renew the package and many more. It helps gym manage profiles, membership plans, discounts and many more.
    Click here to visit website.

  • Vagaro

    It is a web-based solution for the salon and fitness center owners to connect with their customers and promote themselves on web. It is a B2C platform where business can create profile, promote their brand and book appointments with customers. This is a very good place to start with if you are limited in number. It provides many important features like scheduling,  point of sale, payroll, monitoring etc. all through the web portal.
    Click here to visit website.

  • MindBody

    It is a cloud-based service. Small to mid-sized businesses can benefit from this club management and appointment scheduling solution. Generally, gyms, fitness and personal training center, salons, spas, and many similar business use them. Appointments, memberships, automated emails, online bookings etc. can be managed with this software.
    Click here to visit website.

  • Glofox

    One of the best gym and studio management and app solution is glofox. It is designed for helping the gyms and studio owners to better themselves at the admin works. This software helps with class scheduling, member management, billing, reporting, check-in and many more. There is a dedicated app available in both iOS and Android devices through which members can connect with their respective gym.
    Click here to visit website.

  • Acuity Scheduling

    It is like your personal assistant for scheduling. With this software, your client can view your real-time availability, select date and time, and pay in advance using the familiar payment gateways. It is awesome solution for most of your scheduling problems. You can easily set it up for your business and just go with the flow.
    Click here to visit website.


Just owning a gym or fitness center is not enough, you need have some very good fitness software to manage that gym as well. A gym management software doesn’t only just works for the gym, but with almost all of the business that deals with providing the clients with memberships and classes. To take care of the financial hassles and scheduling trouble, these type of fitness manager software are a life saver.

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