Get Rid of Love Handles

get rid of love handles

Some people are just blessed with awkwardly odd looking side fat. The term is “Love Handles”. Not much people know the actual name by almost all are fade up with it. It is one of the first places your body starts to store fat. And surprisingly, its the last one to get rid of as well. So, you are just stuck with it forever unless you are really determined to get it off. While the process to get rid of love handles isn’t that twisty, lack of discipline can just throw you miles of the track. We will discuss some of the easy ways of losing love handles or so called side fat.

What Causes Love Handles?

There are many causes for why you have love handles, but there are few of the pronounced causes. Tight clothes aren’t the reason for the bulging of the love handles, its the diet that you need to keep eye on. Some of the common reasons for love handles are:

    • Hormones specifically too much cortisol
    • Lack of physical activities
    • Slow metabolism due to some medical conditions
    • High caloric diet with excess sugar or carbs
    • Age
    • Lack of enough sleep

These are just few of the common causes that helps you grow your love handles. There are exercises and diet patterns that work together to shed most of the fat from that area. As you know, you cannot spot reduce fat, lowering down whole body fat level is the key.

Lifestyle Changes to Lose Love Handles

The way you feel for yourself has major role in how your approach the rest of the world. If you feel good about yourself, you will definitely see good in others as well. There are few of the lifestyle changes that you can adopt to get rid of love handles and keep it off for good.

    • Lose whatever excess weight you carry off your body. This will not only make you look good, it will also ensure health of your heart.
    • Give proteins and green veggies a bigger portion in your diet.
    • Keep sodium intake below 2300 milligrams as sodium holds water.
    • Make a habit of mild to moderate physical activity daily. It can be anything from skipping ropes to heavy weight lifting.
    • You can as well opt for clothing that is not tight to the skin. A slight lose fitting will help you mask those love handles.

Exercises to Get Rid of Love Handles Fast

Exercises can help you tone the muscles. Love handles are the part of your core muscles. The muscle helps in the stability of the core and sits below the obliques. Knowing the movement pattern of the muscle can help you design a workout routine that better suits your body. Though, given are few of the common and general exercises that you can perform to lose your side fat given that you are on point with your diet.

Side Plank

It is a version of plank that you perform on your sides. While you hold your body straight, your upper obliques fights against the gravity to keep your body straight. Perform this for 30 secs if you are just starting. Keep progressing on the time. Once you hit 1 minute mark, you can perform its another version by just letting your hip dip down and raising it back up.

get rid of love handles

Air Bike or Bicycle Crunch

Do some controlled reps to actually feel the burn.

    • Lie flat on your back
    • Keep hands behind your head
    • Lift your head and shoulder above the ground as in crunches
    • Lift your leg in air
    • Now try touching your opposite knee and elbow slowly

get rid of love handles

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Hanging Leg Raises

Hanging from the bar and lifting your lower body is totally a different challenge for your core.

    • Get to the pull-up bar
    • While hanging from the bar, keep your tight
    • With neutral spine, raise your straight leg in front of you
    • Hold it for a second and lower it back down

get rid of love handles

Perform this for 10 slow controlled reps and watch your abs taking shape.

Russian Twist

One of the challenging yet awesome exercise to perform is russian twist. You can have weight in your hands or just perform it without weights. It is pretty simple yet rewarding exercise.

    • Sit on the floor with legs raised off the ground and arms straight
    • Balance yourself on ground
    • With your feet off the ground, twist your upper body with straight arms side to side
    • If it is hard for you, you can keep your feet on the ground.

Perform slow controlled reps to have better mind muscle connection.

get rid of love handles

Jumping Burpees

Burpees are great fat burning exercise. When you add jump to the end, you are forcing some extra effort out from the body. This will burn some more calories.

    • Get into the push up position
    • Bring your knees forward
    • Kick the feet back again to stand
    • Once you are in standing position, quickly go for a jump
    • Upon landing quickly get back to the starting position

get rid of love handles

Be quick through the transition. With explosive movement, you work multiple muscles in the body burning off much more calories.

Take Away

Diet and exercise combined can give you any look your desire to have. The only thing you will need extra is dedication and discipline. Perform these exercises and tips given above to get rid of love handles. If you have some suggestions, do comment below so that we can include them in next posts.


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