How To Stay Happy Alone

how to stay happy alone

We all have a definition of happiness with us. For some its some specific work they do while for some it may be a specific person. We all know the meaning of happiness that we always have seen from childhood. No matter what circumstances, challenges or whatever you have come across, at the end of the day, if you are not happy, you cannot keep anyone happy at all. Keep in mind, not everyone who you come across cares for your happiness. It you to figure out how to stay happy alone. You don’t need anyone special to keep you happy, you are in charge of your happiness. We will discuss some of the tips to stay happy alone because if you can keep yourself happy alone, anyone’s bad intention to make you sad won’t work.

Tips to Stay Happy Alone

Don’t let any outer force interfere what you feel of yourself. If we all can stay happy alone, the life of sadness will be very short.

  • Figure Out What Makes You Truly Happy
    We all have a specific hobby that we like to do out of shear happiness. Find out what makes you truly happy and work on making it a part of your lifestyle. Some of us, me one of them, like working out. It makes me feel relieved and relaxed though the exercises are intense. So, working out daily an hour and half everyday keeps me relaxed and happy.
    How to stay happy alone
  • Give yourself time
    We get so stuck in our lifestyle that we forget to give time for ourselves. It is so ironic that you live for yourself, but if you don’t have time for yourself, then what are you living for? We work all day, earn a lot, wake stressed in morning, and come stressed at night. Start with just half an hour and make your way up. You will eventually realize how much different your life will be.

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  • Start loving yourself
    People who love themselves are basically happier than other. They don’t have to spend much time on pleasing others because their happiness lies within themselves. Go spend time with yourself. Go shopping, trekking, visit places, do what you love doing. Fall in love with yourself. You won’t need anyone else to keep you happy then.
  • Make it a mission and turn into habit
    If there is anything that keeps you away from happiness, stay away from that thing. Try making being happy a mission. Do small stuffs, paint your wall your favorite color, change the look of your room, then see how things change. Loneliness isn’t a feeling of missing someone, it is the absence of your own touch. Make it a mission to do things that makes you happy, slowly but surely, it will be your habit to one day.
  • Be independent
    Make yourself self-sufficient. Develop a stronger version of you that don’t need anyone else’s intervention in life. Change the habit of being dependent on others for smallest of the things. When you are independent and self-sufficient, you won’t actually need anyone else to keep you happy. It’s your job to keep yourself happy, perform it wisely and with full effort.
  • Try new hobbies
    Have you been tired of your daily lifestyle? Try switching it up a little. Try new hobbies, explore new habits, figure out your new passion for things. It will keep a freshness in your hobbies and keeping yourself active.


No one else will care for you as much as you can for yourself. No one knows you better than yourself. You can be happy with yourself alone as well. You don’t need anyone else to show you the way of happiness. There are few people who we come across in life who are worth caring for. The person who can hold you in time of sadness, can cherish your moments of happiness as well. But being dependent on that person alone isn’t solution for every problem. Learn how to stay happy alone because it will cultivate positiveness in yourself.

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    1. Thank you so much for the appreciation, I wish everyone knew what you mean to yourself, we run, scream, cry, for others while neglecting the fact that a happy soul will automatically have a happy surrounding

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