Importance of Supplement

importance of supplement

When we think of bodybuilding, we imagine giant human beings posing on the stage. They have all the muscle in their body popping in front of our eyes. How cool is that right? When we decide to join gym, we just picture the end result of those bodybuilders. We have not actually seen any of their struggling days picture. We follow their diet, workout routine, supplement stack but not their hard work, dedication and all. First thing in gym that many of the new comers go for is supplement. They gather a stack of them and not even really know which one does what. Let’s learn the importance of supplement in this post.

What does Supplement Mean?

If you google about this, you will find that supplement isn’t the main thing. It is “something that completes or enhances something else when added to it”. But we people think that everything can only be achieved with supplementation. Importance of supplement for us is just because we have seen bodybuilders gain advantage from them.

Supplement is just the additive to your existing diet. You cannot replace your food with the supplement. After all, these supplements are processed from food itself. It just completes your daily macros when you are not getting enough from food.

importance of supplement

When to Add Supplement?

Importance of supplement too exists in your body building career. You are working hard in the gym and kitchen too but cannot complete your daily macros. This is the perfect time to throw in some supplement to complete those numbers. If you solely depend upon supplements, it will definitely affect your kidney health.

Another time might be when you have some medical issue. Doctors prescribe some supplements when you have some issues. Otherwise, supplementation should not be done unless very necessary. You can very well build a good physique without supplement. It is advised to the beginners as well to start off with replacing foods with healthier alternatives first.

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Benefits of Supplement

When you get serious towards your bodybuilding career, you will need supplements to help you reach their. There are many supplements available in the market. Protein supplements, fat supplement, fat burners, mass gainers and many more. Some of benefits of supplements are:

  • It helps complete our diet.
  • Things we cannot extract from food can be supplemented
  • When on serious career, supplements can help you have an edge over others.
  • Deficiency of some nutrients in body can be completed with the supplements.
  • Health conditions can be improved with the supplements.
  • Multi-vitamins supplements can help reach the daily minerals and vitamins requirement.
  • Some hormonal imbalances sometimes need medication in form of supplements.

Examples of Supplements

Bodybuilders know the supplements well. There are many supplements by type, not brand in the market. The most popular ones are protein supplement like whey protein, soy protein, etc. There are also creatine supplements. People supplement Omega-3, Omega-6 in their diet. Most essential for lubricating the bone joints are multivitamin. There are mass gainers for bulking up, fat burners to cut down. Pre-workout, BCAA, etc. Mind it, these all are expensive as well because the extraction process is difficult. All these supplements when grouped together according to your need makes a supplement stack.

Risks in Supplements

It is not that supplements are not needed, they are part of the career. Supplement market is purely a business scheme. People now a days don’t care what they are selling, they just want to make profit. Due to this nature, there are many fake supplements in the market. these supplements contain harmful substances and chemicals that may be poisonous too.

Some of the risk in supplements are:

  • Fake supplement deteriorate health
  • Supplementation above the limit does adverse effect to your kidney
  • Supplement creates addiction, once you are on to it, you will be there
  • Body becomes used to supplements and functions differently without them


First and foremost, we need to understand that supplement isn’t a drug. It is just a method of completing your macro nutrients. It isn’t a magic as well. You need to work hard fr even the supplement to take effect. If you are getting enough nutrients from your food, they I will advice you not to throw money and your health for supplement. Hence, these are few of the importance of supplement. Be wise to get all your nutrients from food first. If you need to supplement, be sure to do some research first. Stay healthy folks.

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