Lower Back Pain Workout Plan

Lower Back Pain Workout Plan

Without any doubt, all of us have been in that “ouch” situation at least once. The pain keeps shooting harder and harder and you think as if you can never recover from that. But little do we know about the pain that it has very natural cause and pretty simple prevention and cure as well. We will be talking about some simple lower back pain workout plan, some morning stretches, sleeping techniques and many more that will help you get rid of that pain.

How does Lower Back Pain Occur?

Your lower back is pretty vulnerable area for pain and discomfort. We use our lower back, due to poor posture” for almost everything. We bend with lower back, creating camel like hump. While bending motion is primary function of hip muscles and not lower back, it is obvious to cause excessive strain. Some of the causes of lower back pain are as follows:

  • Strain

    Strain is one of the major cause. As there are fewer muscle groups and majorly ligaments and tissues, it is highly vulnerable area for injury. The strain can be due to injury, muscle tension, lifting too heavy, etc.

  • Slip disc

    The vertebra in our spinal cord is cushioned by small discs between them. If the disc slips from its place, or it ruptures, or it bulges, there is high pressure exerted upon the nerves. This creates a very severe back pain and the pinched nerves can create pain in other parts of the body as well.

    Lower Back Pain Workout Plan

  • Poor posture and movement

    Maintaining posture is very important when is comes to keep back healthy. Throughout the day due to sedentary nature of the job, we are compelled to sit in same position. The posture slowly degrades and we create unwanted pressure on the spine.

  • Improper form and Ego lifting

    If you are a professional lifter, you know the most important and delicate part in your body is your lower back. You first need to strengthen them and make them able to lift heavy even before lifting. But some ego lifters out there just go with a straight back and return with bulged back. Form is very important to get rid of injury.

Morning Stretches for Lower Back

There are few stretches you can do just after you wake up to strengthen your back. As you have been sleeping for 6-7 hours and lying sometimes on the same position, your back is jammed is some sense. Stretching them first thing in the morning will save you from the sudden strain.

  • Knee to Chest

    It is simple stretch to free your lower back. Lying on your back, fold your knees and bring them to your chest. Hold the stretch for 10-15 sec and you will feel your lower back stretching. It is good practice for morning stretch.

    Lower Back Pain Workout Plan

  • Lie on your stomach

    If you have slept your whole night facing the ceiling, it is best to give it a relief by turning to the opposite side. Just lie on your stomach and release tension from the back.

  • Back extension

    Back extension is very good exercise to strengthen the lower back. Just lying on your stomach, extend your back till you feel the stretch and hold the stretch for 20-25 second.

    Lower Back Pain Workout Plan

  • Cat pose

    Cat pose is awesome way to start your day. Warming your spine and back from top to bottom, it will give you relief from any sudden moment that might shock your back. Just perform the movement as in picture.

Lower Back Pain Workout Plan

Workout Plan for Lower Back Pain

The worst thing and the last thing you can do to cure your lower back pain is not exercise and wishing for the pain to go away. It doesn’t work that way. You need to be moving your body in order for your body to fix the pain. Exercise is very important and you need to be doing some even in pain to fix it. Some of the lower back pain workout plan that you can perform are as follows:

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  • Hamstring Stretch

    Sometimes your hamstrings are tight and create tension on lower back. Stretching the hamstring will release tension from the lower back and hamstring to relief the pain. Lying flat on the surface, lift your one leg without bending your knees. Now pull your leg with the help of towel or band and keep pulling till you feel the tension. Do similar for the next leg. Hold the stretch for 10 sec for 3 sets.

    Lower Back Pain Workout Plan

  • Knee Roll

    Lie on your back with your knees bent. Now, keeping your back flat on the ground bend your knees to a side trying to touch the ground. Don’t extend it on the first go, but try to increase the range rep after rep. Do it for 10 reps each side for 3 sets.

    Lower Back Pain Workout Plan

  • Glute-Ham Bridge

    Just to take the tension off from the lower back, strengthen your glutes and hamstring muscles. Lower back is not meant to function the way we want them to. Lying on the flat surface with your knees bent and palms flat facing the ground, this is your starting position. Now lift your hip off the ground squeezing your butt cheeks. This will strengthen your glutes and hamstring muscles. Do 3 sets of 12 slow controlled reps.

  • Bird-Dog

    Start with yourself on your hands and knees. Take this as the dog position. Now, lift one of your hand straight forward with your opposite leg stretched straight. Hold the position for 5-10 seconds. Perform similar move on the opposite side. This move strengthens your stabilizer muscles and helps create stability in your lower back and core muscles. Perform for 8-10 reps each side for 3 sets.

Lower Back Pain Workout Plan

Prevention and Precaution for Lower back Pain

The best thing you can do to prevent the lower back pain is to correct your form. By correcting the form, I don’t only mean for back exercises. You pelvis area is the joining part of your lower and upper body. Your strength travels from bottom up through your spine. Fixing your form in what ever you do, may it be biceps curl, will help you avoid a huge risk of back pain. Some of the prevention and precaution you can take are as follows:

  • Put on weightlifting belts for heavier sets. It will not only strengthen your core, but also protect your lower back.
  • Ditch ego lifting. You cannot really lift more than your body allows. So, strengthen your way up.
  • Be on point with your nutrition. Recovery period is really a very crucial time after workout.
  • Do Stretches pre and post workout. Do some stretching work pre workout as warm up and static stretching post workout.
  • Fix your posture and remind your self not to stay in same position more than an hour.

Conclusion for Lower Back Pain Workout Plan

These are few of the lower back pain workout plan that you can perform even in pain. Not exercising is the worst thing that you can do. Keep moving and keep your joints healthy. Lower back pain is experienced by almost all of us through some point of our life, working through the pain will help you decrease the recovery time.


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