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Killer Abs Workout

You are working your ass off in the gym cannot see any visual abs? It is easier than you think to get those abs popping out, yet becomes harder as it goes on. To get a nice looking 6 pack abs is what majority of the people join gym for. They either train hard to lose wait or gain weight, but the ultimate goal is those nice-looking crisp abs. You can get those too, no matter you are fat or thin. The catch is that you need be disciplined and focused to have them through the killer abs workout.

The abs aren’t something that is grown exercising. The abdominal muscle is the protective lining of muscles for our internal organs. Everyone has it and every one can make it pop out. Though in this busy lifestyle we don’t have enough time for ourselves. Hence, we end up choosing the crappy and junk way of living. Eating just food, sleeping less, stressed and worried about everything. So, I have prepared a list of 4 simple yet effective killer abs workout for the people with busy lifestyle. You can perform these exercises wherever you like, without any equipment.

Killer abs exercise

Given below are the list of exercises you need to do.

Tummy Vacuum:

This is simple yet very powerful core-conditioning exercise. This is very beneficial for the ones starting up exercises. There is a natural belt around our waist known as Transverse Abdominus. They are the inner muscle of the stomach responsible for the breathing control and back support. Do the tummy vacuum to teach the muscles to hold the muscle firmly allowing you to keep your waist small and strong.
Tummy vacuum is an isometric contraction exercise. To perform the exercise, just stand in the posture as in the picture below. Exhale all the air out of your stomach and bring the stomach in as much as possible. Hold the contraction for “X” number of seconds and gradually increase the number as you go on. Go to for more info.

Killer Abs Workout
Tummy Tuck/Vacuum

Front Plank:

Get on your knees and forearms with elbows directly under your shoulders as in the picture below. Keep your body straight and core tight. Stretch your legs long raising up on your toes into plank position. Hold as long as you can, increasing the number every time you can. This exercise helps you maintain the shape of your mid-section, toning the muscles and shaving off fat.

Killer Abs Workout
Front Plank

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Leg Drop:

You might call it lying leg raises but it is a bit different approach. You raise both your legs towards the ceiling. Breathe in as you raise your leg. Exhale on your way while lowering your legs until they’re about few inches from the floor. Pause at the bottom and breathe in. Repeat for minimum of 10-12 repetition. It targets the lower portion of your abs more.

Killer Abs Workout
Leg Drop

Shoulder Tap:

It is somewhat stabilizing exercise increasing the difficulty level of earlier plank exercise. Start with a push-up position, lift your hand and touch the opposite shoulder maintaining the initial position of your body. Return to initial position and do it alternatively for both hands. Do it for 10-12 repetition for single side.

Killer Abs Workout
Shoulder Tap

Perform 4 sets of given exercises daily and you will start noticing changes in yourself. You will feel less bloated, find your position upright and your helped in other exercises as well. Be disciplined and motivated, along with good healthy diet, you can have visible abs in 3-4 weeks.

Healthy Lifestyle

Health is wealth, this is what we learn from our childhood. Prevention is better than cure, this proverb has ruled our lifestyle just like saying take care. So, during the phases of life, the meaning to being healthy changes from time to time. Though healthy lifestyle might hold different meaning in everyone’s life, it basically means keeping your gut healthy. “Gut” is like an engine to a vehicle. Every kind of fuel you take in, needs to be processed and energy needs to be extracted. If your engine isn’t functioning well then you will be left with undigested food.

Being healthy and having a healthy lifestyle isn’t just for fashion or aesthetic purpose. It has a serious role in your well being and your physical and mental health. Healthy living doesn’t only mean hours and hours of gym and training, it is actually done mostly outside the gym premises. Being healthy and adopting to healthy lifestyle is attained through smaller and minute changes in your day-to-day activities moving a step towards health every day.

Health Overview

We humans first ate raw, learnt to cook, added flavorings to food, started to like canned and packed food and in the end, a sack full of jumping fat belly. Any research, reports, or poll will not deny that the most nutritious and healthy food you can eat is the one that is either made at home, or by self.

As our hectic routine started to drive us towards crap lifestyle of eating, they brought enough problems and side effects for us to think over them again and benefit the fitness industry. It isn’t that hard to realize whether you are having a health you should be having or not. Realization is something that will definitely make you cautious and aware of your well-being. It easy and beneficial to start the healthy habits right from the day one.

Healthy Lifestyle

Admit it, whoever of us are looking for the tips to get healthy are either aware of their health, or have been compelled by their health status. Make sure health is the only thing you can have with you till you care for it, the moment you get distracted, the moment you are suitable spot for illness.

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How can we adopt healthy lifestyle?

Adopting to healthy lifestyle is fairly easy. You don’t need to go through harsh diet and rigorous training, you can start by just a step forward a day. Success doesn’t come in a day, it takes hard work and continuous dedication. You can start by adopting to one thing a day, once it becomes your habit, its already been a part of you and your body automatically triggers the action for it.

Be sure you are determined towards whatever your goals are. Being healthy means having a sound state of mind and body. There are many tips you can find in the internet or from the people who are elder to you cause the oldest of the family has probably know the most from experience and experience is something that comes from time, not through knowledge alone.

Tips to Get Healthy Lifestyle

There are very minutes tips that can be applied to daily activities that will ensure healthy functioning of our body. Applying them smaller steps at a time will make our journey to fitness very attainable and fluid. Some of the tips you can apply are listed below.

  • Just Move

    Just moving your body from point A to B and not just being a couch-potato will help you a lot lubricating your joints and keeping your ligaments and muscles nice and relaxed. If you are not active enough, your joint will give you pains and aches the moment you decide to use them.

  • Be flexible

    These days we have sedentary jobs where we sit for hours in same position. It is major cause for back pain and neck pain. To get rid of these pain, just remind yourself to stand every once in a while, and stretch. If you cannot walk, then stretch in your place. Be flexible and make your body function the way it must be.

  • Eat healthy

    Instead of going for the fast food, opt for an apple or a bowl of fruit in lunch.  You will see miracles within weeks. Eating healthy, keeping a watch on whatever you are putting in your mouth will help you track your imperfections in your diet and make necessary improvement. Homemade foods are always the healthiest and the freshest version of food.

  • Measure your portion

    Eating little portions of food more frequently will work wonders. It will help you maintain your weight. Limiting portion will even cause less stress on your guts and keep them working efficiently for longer time. The bloated feeling is generally because you have had just more than enough. Control your hunger through frequent small meals.

  • Physical Activities

    It will help you achieve the ideal version of yourself. We humans were born to survive, all these muscles and body structure are just to survive every day. Without any physical activity, we aren’t using our potential at most. Some of us are great athlete, some of us have great physique, some of us like taking on adventure, while most of us are fitness freak. Any shape, any kind, anyhow, just get challenging your body.

  • Sweet enough

    Choose your drinks that are naturally sweet or just opt for the old good “plain water”. Your body absorbs maximum amount of H2O just from the plain water and no other source. So, limiting your drinks to juice or plain water will help you maintain your sugar level. It will keep you hydrated all day long as well.

Can you attain healthy lifestyle?

The answer is “absolutely yes”. If others have achieved it, then why can’t you. Just changing few things here and there will help you be in track of your healthy. General checkup every second month will give you boost in keeping everything normal. Being healthy feels great, you feel good, smell good. You have good attitude towards life and most importantly, you can get that longevity in life. You look younger and healthier naturally. Aim for the fitness and healthy being in life, you would be as happier as you have ever been.