Prevent Muscle Loss When Not Working Out

The most painful thing a bodybuilder cannot bear is “Muscle Loss”. We follow several tips to add muscle to our body. To see those crisp definition in muscles is what we train for. When we lose fat for the first time, we realize that the actual muscle we have in our body. We then start working out more and more just to add frame to our thin body. We need to know the tips to prevent muscle loss when not working out as well.

Firstly, our body will not hold on to the muscles more than the requirement for survival. It’s a fact and we cannot change that scenario. When we workout continuously, we work against the tendency of body to get rid of extra muscle. Muscles are live bodies, then need to live on nutrients that our food supplies us and blood pumps them through heart. Fat are dead bodies, that is why it’s easier to gain fat than it is to gain muscle. We will discuss some of the tips and tweaks to prevent muscle loss when not working out in this post.

Prevent Muscle Loss When Not Working Out

Tips to Prevent Muscle Loss

You will surely lose a part of your gain and it cannot be controlled. But we can surely save some of those hard-earned muscles through tweaks listed below.

  • Physical activities
    If you cannot continue working out by any reason, get involved in physical activities like swimming, running, hiking, jogging, trekking etc. Just be active in any sense. Damage happens when you stop using those muscles.
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  • Maintain your calorie
    To maintain weight without gaining fat, maintain your caloric intake with balance of all macronutrients. Protein helps in building muscle mass and when you are constantly utilizing the muscle, you will not lose them extensively.
  • Mild Workout at Home
    There are plenty of easy yet effective body weight exercises that you can perform at home. Stopping workout doesn’t really mean that you won’t be doing any. Just do few of them and keep those muscles fresh.
  • Get sufficient sleep and relaxation
    When you get sufficient rest, your body will perform well. All the functioning of your body will be right which will balance your hormone levels. Your hormones determine the overall wellbeing of your body, when they are functioning well, your body will maintain your healthy weight well.
  • Limit Alcohol intake
    By not quitting drink, but limiting the intake, you will limit the destructive effect of the alcohol. Excessive alcohol intake raises the estrogen level and knocks the testosterone level in your body. So, you better drink in limit.


These are few of tips to prevent muscle loss when not working out. You can easily adopt and adjust these tweaks in your daily lifestyle. It is not that hard. Though you cannot save all your hard-earned muscles, you will definitely prevent fat gain and damage the looks of those precious muscles.

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