Quick Fit Tips for Events

quick fit tips for events

So, you have a wedding to attend and you wish to trim some weight. Well, it is possible to do so, only if you need to look fit quickly. If your party is some weeks later, then you can some of the weight loss tips I will be giving you later on. But, if it is a week or so later, these tips might help you. Get your shape back quickly, look fit and attractive. Here are few quick fit tips for events you will attend.

Before we start off, let me clear you that these are quick fix tips. These are not for the long-term. For long-term result, follow proper diet plan with appropriate exercise.

quick fit tips for events

Quick Tips to Get Fit

We tend to carry weight in 3 forms, muscle weight, fat weight and water weight, rest is organ and skeleton. Muscle mass is what we need to preserve and fat reduction takes time. So, better target the water weight. Here are few quick fit tips for events.

  • Limit your water intake

    Our body retains vital things like water, energy in form of fat and more. So, limit your water intake in a cycle so as to flush water from beneath your muscles. If you have a week time, start off with 3 liters of water on 1st day and decrease half liter next day. In this way, you will flush out water from your body.

  • Limit Sodium

    Our prime source of sodium is salt. Limiting salt will help you fight water retention. Even body builders use thus technique during last preparation phase. Sodium makes our body hold on more water in muscles. So, limiting sodium along with water will help reduce water weight.

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  • Go light on foods

    Try to go on caloric deficit even if for few days. You won’t see that much of difference, but definitely feel difference and have confidence. This along with above two tips, will help you shape faster. Try salads instead of heavy meals, give up on carbonated drinks and alcohol.

  • Avoid Gas-producing vegetables

    Vegetables like broccoli and cauliflowers produce gas in your belly. Making you and your stomach upset often. So, it is better to avoid them for time being.

  • Limit fibers 

    Fibers are good in diet for good health. But digestive system struggle with fiber as it takes more time in digestion. It gives bloated feeling to some. So, going low on fibers for few days won’t do a harm.

  • Starchy food

    Starchy food like bread, pasta, potatoes etc. are not bad for weight loss, but not knowing when and how much to eat, can cause a problem. They are good source of energy but don’t crave for them, rather enjoy them in proper duration. Incorporate foods like asparagus and beet root in your diet, they help reduce water retention.

  • Get rid of stress

    Stress kills your gains, it is not good at all. So, get rid of stress because stress releases cortisol and also promotes fat storage. So, eat something whenever you get stress, because consuming food releases feel good hormones. It will help you get rid of stress.


Hence, these are few quick fit tips for events. Now get ready in style and fit in your favorite piece of clothing. With these tips, losing weight for an event gets easier. With these tips, don’t forget exercising as well. Do some full body workout for few days. And be sure to pump up right before the event to look crisp.

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