Arnolds 6 Day Split Workout

Arnold Schwarzenegger, an actor, politician, bodybuilder, powerlifter, businessman, author etc. etc., whatever you might call him. If you are in the fitness world, then you have definitely come across this name and personality. There are very few who don’t recognize him. He began lifting at age of 15 and within 5 years, got his Mr. Universe title. A 7 time Mr. Olympia, the greatest feat for bodybuilding, he is a personality on his own. Let’s walk through Arnolds 6 day split workout that is popular among all fitness enthusiasts.

Arnolds 6 Day Split Workout

Arnold Workout Summary

GoalMuscle building
Workout TypeSplit workout
Level of TrainingAdvanced
Duration2 months
Training Days6 days a week
Time an hour to hour and half
EquipmentBarbell, dumbbell, cables, body-weight
Target GenderMale
SupplementsProtein, Creatine, Mass Gainer, Multi-Vitamin


This workout split is very much similar to what Arnold followed back in his Mr. Olympia days. This routine is a high volume training style hitting all those major muscles 2-3 times a week. It might not be suitable for everyone on the first go, but it surely will benefit everyone in long run.

Arnold’s Stats

Height 6’2″
Weight 235 lbs
Arms22 inches
Chest 57″
Waist 34″
Squat545 lbs
Bench Press500 lbs
Deadlift710 lbs

Arnold’s Meal Stats

Arnold always emphasizes on the quality and quantity you must eat. Meal is all he puts focus on. His training was always backed by the disciplined and well maintained diet. The general overview of his meal looks like this:

Number of meals5-6 meals
Caloriesupto 5000 per day
Protein300+ grams
Post workoutcarbs right after workout
Protein ShakesOnly if your diet doesn’t provide enough

6 Day Workout Split

This workout split was mentioned by Arnold himself in one of his publishes. The split looks something like this:

Day 1Chest and Back
Day 2Shoulders and Arms
Day 3Legs and Lower back
Day 4Chest and Back
Day 5Shoulders and Arms
Day 6Legs and Lower back
Day 7Rest

Chest and Back

Bench press3-410
Incline Bench Press3-410
Dumbbell Pullover3-410
Chin Up3-410
Bent Over Row3-410
Abs Crunches525

Shoulders and Arms

Barbell Clean and Press410
Lateral Raises410
Military Press410
Upright rows410
Barbell Curl410
Dumbbell Curl(Seated)410
Close grip bench press(tris)410
Triceps Extension410
Wrist Curl(Normal + Reverse)410
Reverse Abs Crunches525

Legs and Lower back

Leg Curl410
Lower Back
Stiff Legged Deadlift410
Good Mornings410
Standing Calf Raises410
Abs Crunches525

Arnold Workout Variation

There is another variation to the Arnolds 6 Day Split Workout. This focus on training each body part 3 times a week. It is high in both intensity and volume.

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Arnolds 6 Day Split Workout

Day 1,3,5Chest, Back and Legs
Day 2,4,6Shoulders and arms
Day 7 Rest

Chest, Back and Legs

Bench press56-10
Incline Bench Press66-10
Dumbbell Flye56-10
Cable Cross Overs610-12
Dumbbell Pullovers510-12
Wide grip pull up6Failure
Seated Cable Row66-10
T-Bar Row56-10
Single Arm Dumbbell row56-10
Stiff Leg Deadlift615
Leg Extension612-15
Leg Curl610-15
Leg Press68-12
Barbell Lunges515
Standing and Seated Calf Raises10-1010-15
One Leg Dumbbell Calf Raises612
Wrist Curl410
Reverse Barbell Curl48
Wrist Roller Machine4Failure
Non-stop Abs 30 minutesFeel the burn

Shoulders and Arms

Barbell Curl66-10
Dumbbell Curl(Seated)66-10
Dumbbell Concentration66-10
Close Grip Bench Press66-10
Triceps Push Down66-10
Barbell French Press66-10
Single Arm Dumbbell Extension66-10
Shoulder press(Barbell)66-10
Lateral Raises66-10
Rear Delt Raises66-10
Cable Lateral Raises66-10
Standing and Seated Calf Raises10-1010-15
One Leg Dumbbell Calf Raises612
Wrist Curl410
Reverse Barbell Curl48
Wrist Roller Machine4Failure
Non-stop Abs 30 minutesFeel the burn

Summary of Arnolds 6 Day Split Workout

Arnold is a living legend. He has multiple personality traits to explore. A 7 time Mr. Olympia isn’t made in chill, it needs hard work and dedication. Discipline is key to success. High intensity and volume workout split like arnolds 6 day split workout is very much favorable for adding on size and conditioning. With the backing of high quality diet, all your dreams will be turn to reality.