Six Pack Abs Workout

The very first thing you need to understand is Abs are just like any other muscles in your body. You will not get visible abs just by dieting and shredding fat. You need to train them regularly so that when you cut down fat, there is solid block of muscles visible. There is a general trend of six pack abs workout but it is not limited there. What number of separation you will have is purely determined by your genetics. Some have 4 like Arnold while some have 10 of them. Here is a quick, easy yet very effective abs workout routine.

Abs Muscles

Your abdominal muscles doesn’t only include the biscuit shaped area at front of your abdomen. In fact, it is just a part among the 4 major muscles. We need to train all the muscles in unison so that they are well developed and have symmetry.

Six Pack Abs Workout

  • Transversus Abdominis:
    It is the deepest layer in the abdomen that helps maintain the internal pressure and stabilizes the trunk.
  • Rectus Abdominis:
    It is the front part of the abdomen stretch between ribs and the pubic bone. Its main function is to move the part between the ribs and the pelvis.
  • Internal Obliques:
    These muscles support the abdominal wall and are present on the either side of the lower torso area. The lie beneath the external area and helps in the twisting motion of the abdominal area.
  • External Obliques:
    External obliques are most visible part of the abdominal muscles. They originate form the lower half of the ribs to the pelvis. They help in the twisting motion just like the internal obliques, but in opposite direction.

Workout Routine for Six Pack Abs

Before you get in to the workout, you need to have your diet on point. You need to be eating clean and as per the requirement. If you are a busy personnel, you can very easily cook for whole day or even week at once. There are plenty of those six bagĀ bag packs to keep meal for up to 6 times. It’s available online.

You need to train all those muscles in your abdominal area. So, a workout plan for six pack abs focusing on all the muscles are great. Below is a workout routine for six pack abs for around 4 weeks to build some awesome looking abs. There is not gender difference in this routine. This is ab workouts at gym woman can try or men can demolish.

  1. Crunches + Plank

    Crunches work your upper abs like magic. the best way to do this workout is to not let your lower back leave the contact with the ground. Just focus on contracting the area just below the rib cage. When paired with plank, you get to hold the burning sensation in the upper abs, firing up the metabolism and burning calories. Do 3 sets of 12 reps for crunches and 30 sec hold for the plank.

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  2. Reverse crunches + Knee raises

    Both the reverse crunches and knee raises are best workout for the lower abs. The put great emphasis on your lower abdominal muscle near pelvis area. While doing reverse crunches, you curl your lower body towards your head while lying flat on the ground. For knee raises, either you hang from the pull up bar and bring knee above your pelvis or do it in the machine. Do 3 sets of 10 reps each.

    Six Pack Abs Workout

  3. Russian Twist

    Twisting motion is performed by the obliques. This Russian twist is performed by balancing you whole body on your hip while you sit on the ground. Now with your right hand, touch towards the left side and vice versa. This workout will work both your obliques. It also works what you call love handles. You would better do this rather than doing does side bends. Do 3 sets of 16-18 twisting together on both sides.

    Six Pack Abs Workout

  4. Air Bike or Bicycle

    Air bike or commonly known as bicycle crunch puts your whole core section under immense stress. Your abs scream with pain after this awesome workout. You lie flat on your back. Put your palms behind you head. Now with your left knee touch the right elbow. Here the twisting motion will work your abs in whole new ways. Do 3 sets of 12-15 reps.

  5. HIIT Cardio

    To sum up the workout, do some HIIT cardio to burn those remaining calories. This HIIT can include anything from treadmill, running, burpees to any thing else.

Abs Workout Routine Getaway

With this six pack abs workout routine, it doesn’t target any specific level of fitness. Anyone from beginner to advance. You can increase the intensity once you increase the level of fitness. Love handles are the worst nightmare for any gym goers. It is very hard to get off. Try this workout routine and do comment down below.