Best Workouts for Toned Arms

What did you do first when you join the gym? If you are like me and many others, you probably lifted dumbbells and started curling. We all want that toned arms. Probably because it is one of the visible muscles that gets attention first. New comers focus more on the visible muscle like chest and arms not knowing the basics. In this topic, I will be giving you few of the best workouts for toned arms. You might find some easy while other hard as hell. But it is a common fact in fitness, no pain no gain.

Getting the form of exercise right solves 70% of our problems with exercise and rest might come from our body. Well to have well-built and toned arms, whether you are male or female, you will not require that much of heavy weights as well. For both strength and aesthetic purposes, these exercises are suitable for all the individuals. There are some arm workouts without weights given in this topic as well. Given below are few of the best workouts for toned arms.

Arms Workouts

  1. Dumbbell Curls:
    It is the most basic yet very powerful exercise in building toned arms. With dumbbells, you give the biceps some extra room to squeeze that last part. Grab the suitable weight and start curling. Perform for 8-12 repetitions for 3-4 sets.
  2. Dumbbell Hammer Curl:
    Just like you did the dumbbell curl, now its time for hammer curl. The range of motion is same, the only difference is grip. Hold the dumbbell as if you were holding the hammer. This workout will target the golf ball shaped muscle on the outer side of the arm between triceps and biceps. Perform 8-12 repetition for 3-4 sets.
  3. Triceps Bar Pushdown:
    Every gym has the cable curling machine. Attach a small bar to the cable and with pulley being on top, start to perform pushdown as in the picture. This will work your triceps medial and short head more giving you the horse-shoe look. Perform 10-15 repetition for 3-4 sets.
    best workouts for toned arms

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  4. Triceps Bench Dips:
    It is one of the exercises to target the long head of the triceps more. Position yourself as in the picture. Now lower you butt down to give a good stretch in your triceps and return back up. Give a good squeeze at the top and feel the burn. Perform 3-4 sets of 10-12 repetitions. Don’t hesitate to add weight if you feel you can.
    best workouts for toned arms
  5. Wrist curl:
    Well, you cannot neglect the forearms if you want toned arms and in proportion. To perform this exercise, hold a dumbbell in hand, palm facing upward. Now keeping the arms stationary in one place, curl the wrist up. Feel the squeeze in your forearms. Perform 10-12 repetitions for 3-4 sets.

Wrapping up

These are only few but effective best workouts for toned arms. You don’t need to tons of exercise for these small muscle groups. Minimal workouts with just the right intensity will do wonders to your arms. Follow the workout and let us know if you need any suggestion.