Avoiding Regret

“I wish” is the past tense of potentially to happen regret in life. “I will” is just perfect example of stepping into regret-free lifestyle. Do you really believe that everything you wish will come true? My straight answer will be “No”. But if you are determined to say “I will” then potentially at least you won’t have regret of not trying. Try avoiding regret at all cost.

Regret a simple yet life threatening word. The meaning is simple, a feeling of sadness, but it is so strong that can even end lives. I am here today to share some of the tips to bring “will” before “wish”. It is not bad to wish, but to not try for it, is worst. Here I will provide some simple lifestyle tips for avoiding regret in your life. Implement some of them in life early to see a long-term result in future.

avoiding regret

Tips to Live Regret-free Life

So, you have lived pretty much half of your life. But you are disappointed over what you should have done. How pathetic you feel about yourself at that moment right. You always can start over again, but you will not be able to do all of those again. So, start early and be sure to have a checklist of everything.

  • Change “I wish” to “I will”
    Your first step will be to change your every sentence that start with “I wish” to “I will”. A determination is necessary to see difference. Don’t go for everything at once, but be sure to give everything a try. At least, you will avoid a regret of not trying it at least once.
  • Forget the outcome
    If you worry for outcome, then my friend trust me, you will never start in first place. We are picky sometimes. Some tasks are just small for us to do while some are too big to start. We just dream of things and later on when there is no time left to do, we regret. Don’t worry for the outcome, just start. It is the only thing you require.
  • Take experienced advises
    An old experienced person will always suggest what s/he has been through. Never neglect an elderly advice because they come from experience. Ask your elders, what regretting feels like and learn from their experience. Try avoiding regret at any cost.
  • Experience everything
    Experience everything at least once, if its good for you, carry on. You never know until you give it a try. Don’t leave anything to just regret later on. If circumstances work in favor of you, you can be good at it. If you like fitness, then just go for it, any second thought will give you confusion and regret.
  • Learn to let go
    If something is not working out, have strength to let it go. Hanging on to something will keep you regretting for life time. You will always regret the time you should have let it go. So, be strong and wise enough to let go of things at right time.
  • Make every time count
    Don’t wait for the right time, make every time count. Turn time in to your favor, every moment is special. You are writing your own fate at every moment of life. Be example to others, go let it go waste. Life is beautiful yet strange at the same time. It hits you with challenge, answer it with courage rather than excuse to regret it later.
  • Live a healthy lifestyle
    Be wise enough to take this decision early not to see bad outcomes and regret later. A crappy lifestyle will never lead you to any happiness later. The only thing it will give you is regret, regret of not changing ways, regret of not listening and many more. A healthy lifestyle will keep your mind and body in check.
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  • Live every moment
    With the electronic gadgets ready to capture every moment for later on, we forget to actually live there. We start clicking picture for later, but what about living that moment. Picture might be beneficial for other, at least live your part there. Enjoy every moment and capture it in the lens of your eyes and store it in your mind. You cannot show it to other, but you can always re-live them.

Wrapping up

Wrapping up, regret is never given by anyone, its your own fault. Don’t leave anything to regret it later. Be wise in avoiding regret and live regret-free lifestyle. Even if you cannot complete something, you will have a satisfaction rather than regret that you did start.