How to Have Faith

What does faith mean to you? Is it something you show or something that helps you through pain? What essence does it have in your daily life? Let’s discuss something about it this time around. It is just a five lettered word but yet has a huge meaning and importance in one’s life, sometimes defined related to God and sometimes just to show belief in someone.

Faith Makes It Happen

Faith is a simple word but has a more precise significance. If you Google about it, it will show you to bunch of different definition. Some of them are as follows:

  • complete trust or confidence in someone or something.
  • strong belief in doctrines of a religion, based on spiritual conviction rather than proof.

These definitions are from Google but what actually is faith for you?

We all believe on something. Some of us believe on existence of god, some of us have belief on hard work, some have in time. If you ask what faith is, the first person you think of in your problems, is the one you have immense faith in. As a child you walk with no fear, that’s what you have on parents. While grow up, you look up for suggestions from the loved ones, that’s what you have on them. You will marry someone and decide to spend whole life with them, that’s what you seek on them. Faith is not just a feeling alone, it’s a choice we get to make throughout our life. It is something to look upon that we have always lacked upon.

Love is a form of faith in disguise. The person you love the most is actually the one you have full belief on. The world can turn upside but if you maintain that belief, no matter what the situation is, you will always find love. Living with this faith, you will always find happiness in one way or another.

What is faith in god?

Kneeling before the single most powerful entity, the one who is eternity, just as if you would do to your loved ones, knowing that there is someone looking after you is faith on god. You never have seen God, but you have belief in him just because you believe that He is there.

Having faith on anything motivates us. During exams, having belief on God that you will pass gives you a completely whole new level of confidence and satisfaction. Some might agree the existence, but some might just name it some other way, but it cannot be denied that there does exists something. Have faith, that’s all you need, you don’t need to believe over existence of anything.

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Example of Faith

If you ask for examples, there are tons of them. A perfect one is that we sleep every day, who knows we will wake up next day or not. But we make plans for the next day, we make everything ready, we prepare our events not only for next day, but more days to come. And the most beautiful one is, we set up alarm to wake up as if we are sure to wake next day.

Just go with the flow

How cool it is. We have belief is smallest of things. Faith is like a little flower ready to blossom, let it grow into flower and you will be amazed with the soothing fragrance it gives out when it has bloomed. Similarly, work hard, hard work always pays off and every hurdle you have ever faced will get easier every time you tackle them with faith to succeed.


As a conclusion, remember in life if you ever want something then start working for it right away, never let it be prepared for later, you don’t know what happens next moment. If you are working for your dreams then remember two things, patience and faith is key to success. These two words will determine your success. It’s not as hard as you think, everything you need to do is hard work and have patience. Believe in yourself and grab whatever you want in your life. It is wonderful thing, have it and don’t lose it.