Triceps Workout at Home

Do you want to increase the size of your arms and are just doing bunch of curls? You have got it totally wrong my friend. Beginners don’t realize a fact that arm is not only composed of biceps but also triceps. Your majority of arm is triceps. So neglecting triceps and focusing on biceps alone will not do that much effect to your arm size. Triceps workout at home allows all those individual who work their biceps at home in some way, but cannot figure out proper way to hit their triceps as hard.

Triceps Structure and Anatomy

As by name goes, triceps is a three headed muscle. It has lateral head, long head and medial head on the rear part of our biceps. It takes 2/3 part of our arms. Training triceps will make your arms wider and much defined.

The long head of triceps that exists behind our arm, originates from the scapula. The major function of triceps is to straighten the elbow, pull the arm towards the body, help generate the pushing force, raise the upper arm back behind the body etc.

At home, you can train the triceps with minimal tools in their functional ways. If you train the triceps the way it works, you will get higher mind-muscle connection and greater contraction.

Good Triceps Workout at Home

Here are few of the triceps workout that you can do at home as well. You will not need a ton of weight or won’t require any weight as well. Perform them according to your ease and notice visible right at your home.

Diamond Push-ups

Push-ups are evergreen exercise to target your chest triceps and delts. You can as well change the focus on  muscles by applying slight change in your position.

triceps workout at home

To perform diamond push-up, follow these steps.

    • Get in the push-up position joining your both thumb and forefinger
    • If you don’t have enough mobility at your wrist, you can space your palms little apart.
    • Flare your elbow little to the sides.
    • Keep your palms at your chest level.
    • Now focusing on the triceps’ contraction, perform the push-up.
    • Focus on triceps and not chest.

Plank to Push-up

Plank and push-up share almost same form. While push-ups work your whole body, plank helps you strengthen you core. Plank to push-up is awesome exercise to get the benefits of both world. You will not only strengthen your core but also strengthen your delts, triceps and chest muscle as well.

triceps workout at home

    • Get in the plank position by keeping your feet planted firmly and neutral spine.
    • With you elbow resting on the ground in plank position, lift your elbow to get into push-up position.
    • Keep your core tight and control your movement up and down.
    • Be sure not to bang your elbow to the ground.
    • Do slow controlled movements.

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Bench Dips

Dips are another best exercise to target specially your long head of triceps. The equipment that you might need is a bench.

triceps workout at home

    • Sit on the edge of the  bench with arms grabbing the bench by your end.
    • Now extend your feet infront of you making feet and palm the only contact point.
    • Keeping core tight, lower yourself down till the point your hip touches the ground.
    • You will feel stretch in your triceps and  chest at this point.
    • Raise yourself up to the starting position.

Overhead Triceps Extension

This is another awesome triceps exercise that you can perform at your home. You will need a dumbbell or even a heavy object like book, bottle etc. will work.

triceps workout at home

    • Be sited on a bench.
    • Grab the dumbbell and hold it between your palms.
    • Bring it all the way above you head with arms fully extended.
    • Now lower the dumbbell behind your head keeping your upper arm straight.
    • Lower the weight just till you feel the stretch in your triceps.

Best Triceps Workout at Home Conclusion

You don’t need to lift a ton of weight to tone your triceps. Right form with correct intensity can give you the results you always wanted. There many more triceps workout to do at home, but I find these the most effective and easy ones. Perform these exercises at home and find the changes in your arm size. Do hit us with comment about how you feel.