How to Get Fast Muscle Growth?

Everyone of us has once searched for alternative to grow muscle fast. Whether it can be by lifting heavy, or by eating like a monster, its all confusing. If you google the topic, you will find a ton of information but not knowing what will suit you the best is trouble. Here in this topic, we will discuss about how to get fast muscle growth.

There are few proven scientific facts that will help you clear your vision on how you can get fast muscle growth. The only thing you will need in great amount is “patience”. Most people just quit because they are not patient enough to wait for the results to come. A bit everyday will accumulate to a huge sum in days to come.

Proven Ways to Build Muscle Fast

There are few but subtle ways to build muscle faster. Getting them right will help you achieve the feats of success naturally that even supplementing wouldn’t have done.

How to Get Fast Muscle Growth

  1. Get Your Basics Right

    The very first step you will need to do is get your basics right. Doing things the right way will obviously make them easier. Kick the ego out of the door and correct your form. There is no harm in lifting light that jerking through the reps. Correct your form, know your strength and progressively overload through the week.

  2. Increase Volume

    Increasing the workout volume per body part will help you with the fast muscle building. Volume is the total sets per exercise you do times your reps. Training for hypertrophy will make you feel weak because the rep range for strength and hypertrophy differs. A normal person will only be able to lift only 50-75% of his/her 1RM. For fast muscle building, you can increase your sets between 3-6 and rep range between 10-20.

  3. Increase Protein

    Protein is the muscle building nutrient. To get big, you need your protein intake to be big as well. Divide the total protein intake in multiple meals and don’t exceed 50 gm per meal as you might be wasting it by that way. Keep your protein high as much as 0.8 to 1.2 gm per pound body weight. That comes to around 20-24 gm per meal. This number can be achieved by only 4 whole eggs, or 1 scoop of protein or 1 cup of Greek yogurt. So, it is not a problem at all.

  4. Decrease Rest between Sets

    There is a proverb, “Strike the iron when it is hot”, this proves beneficial all the time. While your muscle is already in stress, give is just enough time to get ready for another set. Letting it cool for 2-3 minutes will just abandon you from the benefit of hammering it more. Maintain maximum stress throughout the exercise by minimizing the rest and increasing the stress on the muscle to help in muscle growth.

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  5. Eccentric Phase is key

    Take barbell curl as example, curling it up from arms stretched is hard but lowering it down is easy as gravity takes over. That lowering phase is known as eccentric phase. While it might seem easy part of the workout, it is crucial as you can put great stress upon the muscle fighting the gravity. The more you hold on to the weight, the more will be the benefit. Pay good attention to the eccentric phase of the exercise, perform the negative phase slow.

  6. Get More Sleep

    It might seem confusing, but the more you rest, the more your muscles will get time to recover. A good night sleep is important for the hormones to secret and help muscles recover from the intense workout you put in your workouts. Your body releases maximum HGH when you are in deep sleep. So a quality sleep is as important as intense workout and nutrition. According to some studies done for a week, some participants were given only five hours opposed to 8 hours of sleep. The testosterone dropped by whopping 10-15%.

    how to get fast muscle growth

  7. Add Creatine as Supplement

    Creatine is a supplement that helps you increase your strength by increasing the ATP in your muscles. It doesn’t directly builds the muscle, but enables you to lift heavy and gain muscle size. You will definitely see results within few weeks.

  8. Caloric Surplus is Key

    To build muscle, you need to focus on caloric surplus. You need to eat more than your maintenance calories. Be 300-500 calories above your maintenance calories and distribute meals in several small sizes. With surplus calories and intense workout, you will pack on as much weight as you can. Eat quality meal and stay away from fried and sugary meals. They will help you moderate the amount of fat in your body.

Getaway with how to get muscle growth fast

It is not a rocket science to put on muscles when you start learning the correct technique behind fitness. Fitness isn’t as hard as it seems. The most obvious question about how to get fast muscle growth is answered sweetly in this post. There are just few things you need to focus on and that’s it.