Calf Muscle Workout at Home

Calf is a crucial muscle in your lower body. It lies in the posterior chain of muscles. It is crucial as it along with few other muscles are responsible to take us anywhere. Calf muscle workout is toughest but you can do it at home as well. As it is continuously used muscle, it takes time and patience to shock these muscles and build them. Though they are hard to target, you can very easily work them out at home as well if you figure out the correct function and pattern.

Calf Muscle

Calf is composed of gastrocnemius and soleus, the bigger muscles and the tibialis posterior. These muscles react to different position and stances. Moreover, they all work together to stabilize and move your whole body.

Calf Muscle Workout at Home

The calf muscle lies between knee and the heel with several other smaller muscles and tendons all the way to toe. The gastrocnemius is the bigger muscle that gives the rounder look to the calf. Soleus is the flatter and longer muscle underneath the gastrocnemius.

Calf Workouts at Home

Definite from the fact that you use calf every time, it is pretty hard to shock but very easy to understand the movement. There are many calf movements that you are already doing, but don’t recognize. Some of the common ones are staircase, standing on your toes, walking, hiking etc. Some of the easiest calf muscle workout you can do at home are given below.

Standing Calf Raises

This one is pretty easy and the effective one. You can do this at home, gym, anywhere you like.

      • Stand on the edge of the stairs on your toes, heels hanging. Or if you are in gym, you can stand of edge of bench, of machine.
      • At home, lower yourself down till you feel the stretch on your calf.
      • Slowly raise yourself up above the toe level, contracting your calf muscle.
      • Repeat the movement till you are exhausted.

Calf Muscle Workout at Home

You can add weights to the exercise by carrying some weight.

Seated Calf Raises

Opposed to the standing version, you will be seated in this exercise.

      • Be seated on a bench with your toes resting on a platform slightly higher than ground.
      • Lean forward on your knees, to add resistance to the motion.
      • Now raise the heels to contract the calf and hold the contraction.
      • Slowly lower the heels below your toe to extend your calf.
      • Repeat the movement.

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Toe Walk

This pretty interesting and fun exercise. It is more of like walking silently and gently.

      • Stand up straight.
      • Be on your toes. Elevate your heels and stay on your toes.
      • Without letting your heels touch the ground, walk.

While you walk on the toes, your calves are constantly under contraction. When contracted, blood flow in the area of contraction increases and growth takes place.

Hiking or Walking Uphill

While you might not consider it an exercise, it is definitely a better way to exercise. While you are hiking or walking uphill, the nature of the ground forces you to push through your toes. This moment mimics the calf raises. Hence, it is a better alternative to the exercise.


Skipping or jumping ropes are very good cardio exercise. It also helps build your calves. You jump on your toes, not heels. Hence, you work your calves in every jump, keeping it under tension. Skipping too is very good exercise to increase your stamina and as a cardio.

Tips and Tricks for Calf Training

While these calf muscle workout to do at home might not be fancy or new to you, these definitely are very beneficial. Calf muscle is very tough to grow. You need to be training calf at least 3-4 times a week to shock it to grow. Little tricks lies in your foot placement. Though whatever you might do, you will work all your calf muscle, but there is a general belief and some see the difference too. Bringing toes inward, you target more of your outer calf, normal focuses on overall calf and toes outward will target your inner portion.