Fat to Fit

Every overweight person has just one concern, “This is too much”. Every normal person thinks, “Wish I could get fit”. All other thin guy thinks, “Damn, wish I could get to put on some muscle like that guy”. We conclude from these facts that wish is never ending feeling, so is fitness. If you take going fat to fit as a fitness goal, then you will get there for sure, but will it sustain?

fat to fit

Fat to Fit, Goal or Lifestyle

Lets talk about what going fat to fit should look like for you. It isn’t hard to lose weight, nor it is hard to put on some. This body type and that body type, don’t get terrified by this statements. A slight adjustment here and there can make it happen. First and foremost, fitness should be your lifestyle change, not a goal. You should be able to sustain that fitness for your lifetime not for few duration.

If you make fitness a lifestyle change, you will enjoy the benefits of being fit all your life. It doesn’t by any how mean that you need to have six-pack abs or workout 6 hours a day. It simply means a balanced and stable mind and body health. Being obese isn’t a crime, it is only some imperfection in your lifestyle. Slight change and you can change your whole lifestyle.

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Tips to Go Fat to Fit and Stay Fit

Following bodybuilders, making them our idol is common thing. We copy their style, their looks, workout, eating habits. But we forget their dedication, their hard work, challenges they faced, their patience. Some key tips that you can follow to sustain your fitness are as follows:

  • Make it lifestyle
    Don’t just workout because you are free. Don’t just eat healthy because you have nothing else to eat. Unless you engrave fitness and healthy mindset in your lifestyle, your efforts are likely to get wasted. There are many excuses that one can think of to get off track but not a single 1 to get back up. According to some research, a normal person requires about 21 days in average to make anything a habit.  Give yourself this much time to make change at least.
  • Control your mind
    Be focused. A well focused mind can perform better, we all know this. We have a lot of distraction these days. We sit online to do work and end up surfing social media. If you truly want to achieve and sustain fitness in your life, discipline is the first rule. Be disciplined in eating, follow your routine, manage your schedule well. When mind starts controlling you, it then when things start slipping out of hand.
  • Don’t hesitate trying
    We watch all over the internet all new techniques. Healthy and natural techniques as watched less often because the offer slow growth whereas others are promising and fast. We just don’t follow some advice because we hesitate trying them in first place. Don’t hesitate trying new things, you never know what might work out to your body type.
  • Try your best to stay natural
    By natural I mean stay off the products that offer faster result and mess with your system. If anything promises you faster results, be sure to check their side effects as well. Bodybuilders, actors, etc. take performance enhancing drugs yet sustain health while there are more side effects to natural person, why? It is because we only look at the better part and neglect rest. Performance enhancing drugs require proper PCT (Post Cycle Therapy) which we don’t know about and ruin our health. It is better to stay natural and sustain health than achieve a certain goal and struggle rest of the life.
  • Enjoy the Journey
    It is journey not the destination that matters. Enjoy every bit of the journey. Make fitness your passion not hobby. When you start realizing how being fit can make you perform well, you will enjoy every bit of your goal.


I have seen people who just want to lose weight to look good in an event. Some lose weight to be ready for summer. Some to impress female while some just out of curiosity. Change is important, it is a truth of life that happens and has good reason for it. Your lifestyle is reflection of what your personality looks like. Go fat to fit not just to get rid of the weight, but to get rid of the old you and your mentality. Eating healthy will make you look younger, your habits change, you wake up fresh. Healthy lifestyle will make you sharp. It is better done then read. Switch to go from fat to fit and never return back again.