What Inspires You

Its really hard to find someone down to earth these days. Our head is held so high with ego that we forget to look down. We look for higher sources for inspiration while we forget even a small ant can be huge source of inspiration for many couch potato out there.  Let us discuss what inspires you in this blog post. I will be sharing some of mine inspiration sources while suggesting some for you people out there.

Inspiration Everywhere

Inspiration really is everywhere. From the words of the writer you follow to the dried out leaves on your pathway. The tiny ant lifting 50 times it body weight to bees continuously working day and night. The only need here is to go on a search.

Being a fitness lover, I search for my inspiration in bodybuilders. If you are someone with interest in writing, you might have a favorite writer as well. No matter what you field is, search for one, you will definitely find one.

What inspires you

Tips to Get Inspired

Inspiration is just like falling in love, if you force it, you will not get it. It just happens, there is a moment, you are so eager to do something that even smallest of the thing inspires you. Ask a question, what inspires you? The answer generally is the thing you love doing. If you are into writing, a good writer’s book might inspire you. A fitness freak will just tell you that fitness model inspires them to workout. Going through a hard time in life, a well suited quote might help you.

Search for happiness demotivates you more than anything else. Accept anything that comes your way, and you don’t know what might just change your life. These are few of the tips you can apply though:

  • Push yourself: You will not know your boundaries until you push yourself to the edge.
  • Past Does not Count: Leave you past where it belongs, don’t drag it all the way to future.
  • Multiply Your Dreams : Aim for the moon, at least you will land somewhere higher than you are now.
  • Take challenges once you feared: Just take on something that once was impossible for you.
  • Think Decades ahead: Stop planning just for tomorrow, think decades ahead of your time and stop bragging about your past.
  • Speak less, do more and listen better: When you listen more, you tend to acquire more thoughts rather than pushing yours on others.
  • Learn to be happy alone: A happy soul can definitely comfort many other there. Be happy yourself first.

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  • Live like its last day of your life: Enjoy your life like its your last day.  Trust me, the inspirations to live more arises from there more.
  • Live to inspire: Be the inspiration that other seek for. You never know who has been looking up to you for inspiration.
  • Practice harder: Remember that mastery isn’t a natural gift, it takes years and years of hard work and dedication.
  • Don’t fear to lose: Remember to succeed, you just have to be right once. So, don’t fear losing and try again and again.


Inspiration isn’t a gift, it is a payout that you get from continuously rubbing your ass off. But that payout will definitely just turn your misery around.  Ask continuously what inspires you in the mirror, a single answer is enough to change the way you approach your problems. These are few of the tips on something that inspires me to achieve my dreams. What inspires you?