Glute Workout Routine

Advance lifters probably know this. But most of us who has just started lifting, will probably skip leg day and forget to train glutes. Leaving glutes workout to be girl thing, men are in complete loss. The glutes are you your body’s largest and powerful muscle. Before you can think or anything, it is the muscle that provides proper hinging moment to your hips. A healthy and well developed glutes mean greater stability and lower body power. The muscle is huge and a proper glute workout routine will help you achieve the stability and strength. Glute muscle allows your hips to move by contracting in forward, backward, left, right every direction.

Problem With Weak Glutes

The main function of the glutes is to help the functioning of hip joint with flexion and extension. People with bad poster of just weak glutes, perform all the movements of hip with the lower back. That is how we see rounded lower back and a very poor posture.

Work on those glutes to keep your hip joint and back healthy. Your spine is very delicate. Weak or tight glutes will give you sore lower back and hamstrings. It will affect your balance and leave you with shooting pain down your leg. A proper glute workout routine should be part of your training no matter either you are a boy or girl, competing or not or whatever.

Glute Building Program

A tighter, firmer glutes not only looks jaw dropping, but from the strength point of view as well its crucial. Glute workout routine should not only be for the Instagram lovers, it is for the overall health of your lower back and hip movement. Here are just few workouts that can easily fit in your schedule to target those glutes well.

  1. Squat

    The best, the most common and the most effective workout for your overall lower body. Going till parallel to the floor is the aim or squat aiming those quads, hamstring and glutes all together. If you just increase the depth by some inches, you will target your glutes to whole new level. There will be better activation of glutes and hamstring with proper engagement of quads. This is the reason everyone has love-hate relation with squat. It benefits you while leaves you sore the next day. Do 4 sets of 8-12 reps with controlled descend.

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  2. The Hip Thrust

    Hip thrust, glute-ham bridge, whatever you call, it is the best workout to target your glutes. being a guy, you will get some awkward sights at you but leave it aside. It will engage you glutes and hamstrings at their most. This is the exercise that puts you in pain next day you try to poop. This exercise is done by resting your upper back on a bench and your knees bend at 90 degrees. Place a barbell below your lower abs at the hip bone area. Gently lower your hip down nearly touching the ground and shoot back up squeezing the hell out of it. Repeat the movement for 3-4 sets for 10-12 reps.

    glute workout routine

  3. Romanian Deadlift

    Stiff-legged deadlift or Romanian deadlift if you prefer, it targets your hamstring and glutes. With knees just bent to some degrees throughout the movement, lower the barbell in deadlift position until you feel the stretch and squeeze you way up. It is the proper involvement of both glutes and hamstring that makes well balanced backside both strength wide and aesthetically. Perform 3-4 sets of 8-12 controlled reps for beautiful looking glutes.

  4. Lunges

    Lunges is great exercise next to squat that just involves every bit of your lower body. With great level of involvement of glutes, hamstring, quads and every other muscles. Walking lunges is the other variation of your lunges that adds a whole new dimension to your workout. Perform 3 sets of 8-12 reps of this exercise to maximize your gains.

  5. Glutes Kick Back

    You tie an ankle attachment to the cable and perform this exercise. It is crucial workout because you can target the glutes in many other directions through this workout. You can do it with cable, free weight, smith machine and many other ways.

    Perform 3-4 sets of 10-12 controlled reps per side.

Wrapping Up Glute workout Routine

Not all of us seem to workout out our glutes as it should be. Many of us are already doing these exercises, but don’t really focus on glutes. We do squats for hams and quads but forget to involve glutes. Lunges makes glutes sore, but we cannot figure out why. So, follow this glute workout routine and add some glutes to your frame.