Goals in Life of a Student

Being a student is never ending task. We always learn something not only when small, but all our life. But this time we will talk about the goals in life of a student who are in school. Student think about life after school all the time. They think its awesome to get out of the school in outer world. But little do they realize that life after school is just challenges. Everyone should have a goal in life. We are asked all the time in school about what we want to be in future. We normally say doctor, engineer,etc. we don’t mean it though because all our friends say that.

Having some goals fixed in life will help us create a path towards the success. The earlier we start, the earlier we will reach. Be the one who can see a single path to his destination, the person who sees multiple paths,will definitely be lost.

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Goals for students  

A student must have some set of goals in their life. S/he must learn to have balance in life, else you will definitely be stressed or fall aside. Some of such goals are as listed below.

  • Be comfortable first
    Be comfortable first because without any such comfort you will not be focused in your studies. Your first goal should be to find a suitable and comfortable place to live in if not at home. When you find any such place, you will definitely be less stressed and tension free. You can focus on studies then.
  • Make quality friends
    Relatives come as a default to us but friends are the only ones who we get to choose. Make quality friends who won’t think before helping you out in any sense or you will do the same. When away from home, friends are the means of survival. They make us feel like at home away from home. Friends like them are earned, so better start making some.
  • Follow your passion
    Studying all day and night cannot be everyone’s passion. Some have different ways of studying. Follow your passion, be what you want to be. If you like singing and dancing, start taking classes, if music is your passion, go ahead and join a band. If you love creativity, join a team. Team work teaches us many important things in life, most of, they teach us to trust upon our friends. Following your passion is one of the most useful goals in life of a student.
  • Eat right
    Even before you can think of education, health is everything. Even philosophers get ill, so take care of your health first. Eat right and eat healthy. They will help you stay healthy and sharp. They will help you keep yourself focused and your body well maintained. When health is right, everything will seem right.
  • Take extra classes
    Extra knowledge has never harmed anyone. If you are will to take on extra classes, go for it. You never know at what time of life you will find those extra classes useful. Moreover, you can present yourself as a complete package in front of interviewers for job. Perks are better than excuses, extra classes will help you gather extra knowledge. Professors can be your best friend, they won’t only teach you but provide you extra life tips from their vast knowledge and experience.
  • Be cheerful
    Even when life troubles you a lot, don’t forget to turn back and give a smile. Be cheerful, be happy, when you are happy, world around you is happier. You are in school not to have a war like tense situation all the time, be cool and take time off the hectic boring studies. You must understand that like we can’t be happy forever, sadness won’t last forever as well.


These were few of the lifestyle tips related to goals in life of a student. Don’t forget one thing that no matter how much you hate being in school, those days are awesome and full of life and enjoy those days of life. Make friends, go hangout, follow your passion, because life is unpredictable,use it the most when you still can. Be happy, be yourself.