Grip Training Exercises

Grip strength is strength that you can generate with your hand. It is the force applied by the hand to pull on or suspend on objects. It is your ultimate strength of your hand. Your grip strength matters a lot in any aspect of the training. If you are a climber, your biggest benefit is your grip strength, athletes require grip strength to hold on to the bar loaded with weights. If your grip is weak, you cannot benefit from other big muscles to their max limit. We will discuss few of the grip training exercises that you might feel beneficial in building your grip strength.

Grip Training Exercises

Grips: Overview

We use hands for everything. We grab things with hands, hold on to things with hand. Our everyday activity like holding bags, lifting objects from ground, lifting bar in gym etc., your grip is what matters. It isn’t that you will want stronger grip just for the gym exercises, but it is for your day to day lifestyle.

If your are a professional lifter with weak grip, you will not go anywhere with all those grip accessories. Your raw grip strength can be helped by those equipment. As for the grips in the gym, there are very few known ways. Some of those are as below:

  • Double overhand or normal grip: In this technique, you grip the bar palms facing you. It is normal in weight lifting and probably the strongest grip.
  • Double underhand: All those bicep curls, and other exercises that you do with your palms facing away from you is the example of double underhand grip.
  • Mixed grip: In this grip, you grab the bar with over and under arm grip with your hands. It is beneficial as the bar will roll out from one arm and into another.
  • Crush grip: This grip is the one that you use while crushing a soda can or shaking hands.
  • Pinch grip: This grip is done by only the fingers in your hand. When you grab something with fingers only, you are doing a pinch grip.
  • Support grip: When you need to hold onto something for long, you use this grip. You basically roll the objects into your palm and wrap you fingers around for max grip. Pull ups, carrying bags etc. use this grip.

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Grip Strength Training Exercises

It is very important that you train your grip strength. If you have been lifting 100 lbs for 10 repetitions, you could easily extend it to 12-13 or even 15 if you train your grip right. Your grip training exercises will basically strengthen your forearms, your muscles in your palms and your overall strength to lift more.

Grip training exercises that you can even do at home is given below.

  • Hand grippers:

    They are small equipment that utilizes the strength of the spring to help you better your crush grip. You basically hold the equipment in your palm and press crush them with your fingers.

    Grip Training Exercises

  •  Farmer’s Carry

    In the farmer’s carry exercise, you just hold onto the weight and take a walk in the park. Keeping yourself upright, you keep the weight on your palm. This will not only force the forearms to hold onto the weight, but due to the motion, it will force your core muscles to stabilize your body as well.

  • Dead Hang

    It is as easy yet challenging as it sounds. You just hang onto any elevation with your body weight. Start off with less time and progress with the duration.

  • Barbell Hold

    You can utilize the barbell and the weights to train your forearms to hold onto the weights. With heavier weights, your whole body is under stress. Progress through the weight gradually and increase your grip strength.

  • Don’t use bands

    We often see beginners wrapping band around the bar and yet grinding their way up. It is a very helpless tactic to use wrist bands without even building your forearms strength. Even if the weights seem heavy, try not to use bands on the first go.

  • Train heavy

    Train heavy to grain strength. If you don’t train heavy, you will never get a hint of your strength. Train heavy so that your grip has to suffer just to hold those weights.

  • Re-rack your weights

    It is always a good gesture and beneficial to yourself to re-rack your weights just after you have finished your sets. It will work as a added set of exercise while working your forearms and grip at the same time.

  • Squeeze the bar

    It sounds foolish, but to get all those benefits of the grip strength, hold onto the bar hard and try squeezing the bar. It will activate the forearms to all new level.

  • Stretch

    Stretching your palms and fingers are good practice to loosen those stiff muscles. Greater mobility will ensure the health of the joints and will keep you injury free.

  • Plate pinch

    Plate pinch will help you increase your pinch grip strength. Hold two weight plates between your fingers and lift them pinching hard. Your finger strength will be improved with this exercise.

  • Towel pull up

    Using towel while doing pull ups will help you strengthen your forearms. This exercise you can do anywhere at anytime.

Benefits of Grip Training Exercises

The greatest benefit of these exercises is that you will be able to perform little more. With stronger grip, your lifts will grow strong.

  • Your lifts will grow strong and no more struggling to hold on
  • Your grip won’t be your limiting factor
  • Grip strengthening exercises will build your forearms which looks awesome
  • Your reps will increase

Grip Training Exercises

Wrapping Up Grip Training Exercises

These are few of the grip training exercises that you can do at home or in your gym or anywhere. Some of the exercises you might have done but not with grip strength in focus. While you might have been doing all those wrist curls just hurting your wrist mobility. I am not saying wrist curls are bad, but solely relying on them won’t help much.