How to Lose Face Fat

Face fat is often addressed as double chin problem. With access of face fat, it looks like you have a second chin with your original. If you are a beginner and a bit too much healthy (fat basically), you might have this issue. Face shows the condition of your body. Whether you bulk up or slim down, the changes are seen on your face. I will be sharing you some of the tips on how to lose face fat and get rid of double chin problem.

Tips to Lose Face Fat

If you are old in this fitness world, then you probably know this. But to the new one out there, you cannot spot reduce fat. This means that you cannot just reduce fat from a specific are of your body unless it is medically. Though here are some tips on how to lose face fat whenever, wherever you are.

  • Caloric Deficit Diet
    The best way to start is restricting your caloric intake. It is normal to lose a pound a week and is healthy as well. Calculate your maintenance calories according to your weight and take 500 calories less every day. This will decrease a pound weight in one week. Slowly decrease more calories until you find your perfect weight range. Overall fat reduction will reduce your face fat as well.
  • Hydrate yourself all the time
    Drinking at least 3 liters of water a day will train your body not to hold on to water weight. Our body holds water when it is not getting enough from outside. So, drink water and avoid sweet carbonated drink. When you lose water weight, you will get rid of your chubby cheek to some extent.
  • Check Sodium intake
    Sodium, potassium and others are electrolyte in body that regulate the hormones. A balanced state will keep our system normal. Always check your sodium intake as Sodium helps in retaining water in the body. That is why bodybuilders tend to get rid of salt and water during last phase of preparation for competition.

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  • Sugar free chewing gum
    Chewing gum has many benefits and when it is sugar free, it has more benefits. When you are distracted, chewing gum will help you be focused. We can trick our mind. When you are angry or tensed, chew something, this will trick your brain to think that you are eating and release relaxing hormones. Similarly, chewing gum will help you train those cheek muscles and help in toning them.
  • Sleep more
    When you are fatigued, you can feel yourself bloated. While you take a good sleep, your internal organs and muscles will get good recovery time and prepare them for next day. Good amount of sleep will help in recovery process and you can lose fat as well. When this becomes your routine, you will start noticing changes in your body.
  • Blow Balloons
    Try blowing balloons, after few of them, your mouth will start hurting. Perform this on regular basis and this will help you train your face muscles. It is a type of exercise that you can perform every day.
  • Cosmetic way
    The quickest way to make your face look slim is the cosmetic way. A professional beautician can give your face a slimmer look through creams and powders and their magic. It is quick and easy process, yet not permanent one.


Those chubby cheeks look cute only when you were small. The older you grow, the more unattractive they look. Lose the excess body fat you carry with you and you will look more attractive and lose those chubby cheeks as well. As said earlier, you cannot spot reduce fat from your body, so losing overall fat is your best option. These are few tips on how to lose face fat. Hope you all like it, if you have any query, please let us know through comments.