Joining a Gym for Beginners

So, you are skinny or fat, whatever you are, you are planning on joining a gym as beginner. You have never touched weights, only have watched them in videos. You have plenty of workout plan in phone, just the thing you need is to learn to perform them. Here are few tips on joining a gym for beginners in this post. There is so much of advantage in starting completely blank and fresh. You get to learn so much and when you focus on learning, you can pass on some pretty great knowledge to your younger.

joining a gym for beginners

Tips for Beginners Joining Gym

Before you can just go on and get yourself a membership of lifetime from a gym nearby your house, consider few things first.

  • Well Equipped for Beginner
    Choose a gym that is suitable for beginners. Some gyms are pretty small and have limited equipment. This might not be suitable for beginners sometimes. So, choose a gym that has some machines that aid for the beginners as well. Machines are your friends when starting up with other body weight exercises.
  • Don’t fear mirrors
    Gyms have mirrors all around. They are there so that you can watch yourself grow and watch your form while exercising. Beginners might be uncomfortable at first just because of the mirror. They are there to encourage you, don’t get discouraged. Fat or thin, you will definitely get to your goal when you work hard.
  • Nobody cares what you do
    You will eventually find out that no one really cares what you do. And you should be doing the same. Just do exercises you feel comfortable doing and perform it right, don’t worry about others.
  • Learn the form
    You are beginner, you are here to learn. Don’t start the ego business right from the start. First get the form right, you will eventually reach the mark you always wanted to. Know the fact that even champions were beginner someday. Perfect your form, it will help you stay injury free and aid you in long run.
  • Warmup
    The only thing you would hate is warmup. Know the importance and warm up correctly. Even best vehicle’s engines need to warm up to perform. Your body is no different, the joints and ligaments must be warmed up and ready to take on the tough exercises you will be doing.
  • Diet
    Focus solely on the food at beginning, no fancy equipment and supplements. The only time you would need supplements in beginning is if you have some medical issue, else there’s absolutely no need. It isn’t because you are beginner, but because your body isn’t ready yet to digest those supplements. Eat balanced diet and increase the protein intake.
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  • Don’t fear to ask
    If you find something difficult, be sure you ask your trainers. Don’t get afraid solely by their looks. They are there to help you out, that’s their job. Asking is far better than doing something wrong and even better than not doing it.
  • Drink plenty of water
    Water should be your favorite drink. Give up on those carbonated drinks and start replacing them with water. Our body absorbs maximum amount of H2O from water only. Water will help in recovery process. It will help you replace fluid you lost due to sweat and intense exercise.
  • Recovery and sleep
    Recovery is most important and it happens most when you eat right and get enough sleep. Sleep at least 8 hours at night and eat in proportion daily. While you are in deep sleep, our body releases the most HGH and other hormones that are essential for growth. Help yourself recover from the exercises you performed and build muscle.
  • Progressive overload
    Consider taking baby steps. Even most advanced lifters and bodybuilders do it. 100kg bench press isn’t achieved in a day, it takes hard work and progressively overloading your muscle. Take small steps and inch towards your goal.


Exercising isn’t just lifting weight, it requires proper technique and determination. Joining a gym for beginners might be exciting at first, but they eventually opt out just because they are not determined enough. Follow the tips for joining a gym for beginners in the post above and with little bit of motivation and determination, you will surely love the journey of fitness.