Lose Fat and Gain Muscle

Everyone desires to have a beach ready body. To look good doesn’t always mean to lose fat, cut carbs and decrease weight. If you focus on the muscle gain, with appropriate amount of caloric intake, you will lose fat and gain muscle as well. You need to take care of few things to maintain the healthy mass yet lose fat. Some of the tips to lose fat and gain muscle at the same time is given below.

Tips to Lose Body Fat and Gain Muscle

Losing body fat isn’t a rocket science, go on caloric deficit and you lose fat given you have proper healthy diet. Also adding muscle needs you to go on the caloric surplus diet. Now these two facts contradict each other. But it is possible. Follow the tips below to lose fat and gain muscle at the same time.

  • Add more protein

    Depending on your metabolism, increase the protein intake in your diet. Protein synthesis is responsible for the muscle gain in the body. When you increase protein, you fuel your muscle more and help it grow. Though, don’t consume a lot of protein in same meal. It is because your body¬† cannot absorb a lot of protein at the same time. You will rather waste the protein that way.
    lose fat and gain muscle

  • Limit Carbs

    Limit the carbs intake in your diet. Carbohydrate is responsible to fuel your body with energy. In absence of carbs, your body will seek for energy from other sources. Fat is the energy storage of our body. So, without carbs to fuel your body, fat will be the next source. Have carbs about 2 hours from the workout and right after the workout. Add high-fiber vegetables as it will keep your energy in check.

  • Train for muscle gain not fat loss

    If you want to add size and are training to lose weight, how will you gain muscle. Proper training with proper diet is key to ideal body. Train to add muscle. Do heavy lifts, focus on compound heavy movements like squat, deadlift, bench press, shoulder press and others.  Focus on increasing weight. Eventually, you will replace fat with lean muscle.

  • Enjoy Healthy Fats

    Many of us, due to ignorance, stay away from fat thinking it might add to the body. For your information, good fat is essential for body to maintain the hormonal level and cell structure. Fats do make you feel full, cutting down your hunger. Cutting down on fat extensively will have adverse effect in your body like losing hair, finger nail, skin etc. Some examples of healthy fats are salmon, egg yolks, flax seed, chia seeds etc.

  • Use Cardio to Burn Fat

    Perform HIIT to burn off fat not calories. While we are on fat loss program, we tend to perform excessive cardio to burn off the extra calories to support fat loss. Avoid lengthy cardio sessions and perform HIIT instead just to hit that suitable heart rate and promote fat loss. Lengthy sessions will fatigue you faster and not help much in muscle gain.


Fitness is all about dedication, technique and continuity. Have patience, give program some time to take effect and get result. These are few tips to lose fat and gain muscle at the same time. Adopt these tips in your lifestyle and you will not have to continuously switch between workout routine very often.