Best Cardio for Weight Loss at Home

I see this in the gym all the time. People just declare themselves fat and jump on the elliptical machine or bikes or treadmill. They spend very long times sweating there considering it cardio for themselves. While this is not 100% wrong, it isn’t right either. It is rather steady state cardio where you run with same intensity, how boring. Well for your kind information, you need not knock on the gym doors to have weight loss or even cardio. There are bunch of best cardio for weight loss at home. All you need is patience and determination.

best cardio for weight loss at home

What is Cardio?

Cardiovascular exercise or simply “cardio” is any activity that increases heart rate and blood flow in the body. It is not only, but one of the best ways to speed up the weight loss process. It basically acts as a catalyst that speeds up the process. Weight training alongside cardio is very effective in burning off the fat in the body. There are plenty of types and forms of cardio, but you need not worry, even simplest of sprint can help you speed the fat loss.

Cardio Workouts at Home

If you are after the fancy expensive equipment to lose weight, they might just cost you a lot. We find a lot of equipment, machines and techniques to perform the cardio. At home though, all you can do is buy a treadmill or exercise bike and few weights for yourself. Here, we will discuss few of the best cardio for weight loss at home with minimal equipment needed.


Something as easy as running can help you bump up that heart rate. If you want to run at steady speed, it might take time to be running out of breathe. Try doing intermittent sprints to speed up the effect. You will  not require any special equipment for this, a open park or a treadmill at home is enough.

    • All you need to do  is run.
    • Start off slow to warm your joints and ligaments.
    • Increase your speed, say up to 10 mph and continue for 2 minutes.
    • Increase it further to 15 mph and you are sprinting already.
    • After 30 sec or so, slow down to 10 mph again.
    • Then repeat the same for 20 minutes or so.

High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT)

HIIT is all about keeping your intensity level high while training. This exercise is performed with intervals. You can perform number of exercises creating a giant set.

    • Create a giant set of 3-4 exercises say jumping jacks, jumping squat, burpees, high knees and other.
    • Be sure to check on the form.
    • Perform all exercises one after another.
    • Take 30 sec or so rest in between sets.
    • Perform 3 sets of 10 reps for each exercise.

Skipping Ropes/Jumping Ropes

As a kid, you might have seen playing or you yourself might have played it. We didn’t know the health value as kid, but now we know. Jumping ropes burns as much as 200 calories in just 10 minutes. It is fun playing and burning off calories at the same time.

best cardio for weight loss at home

    • Grab handles of the rope.
    • Start slow and gradually increase speed.
    • Try not to tumble down with the rope.
    • Increase you speed till you no longer can breathe well.
    • Take a 30 sec break and go off again.

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If you love travelling and seeing places, this might be the choice of cardio for you. Hiking is generally done on uneven terrain or steep hills and so on. Hiking, even walking is considered cardio, but hiking burns off more calories in giving time than walking. And in the other hand, it is fun way of loosing weight as well.

    • If you are new to hiking, you would better start small hills.
    • Gather your friends and set on the course.
    • Be sure to stay hydrated and take rest frequently.
    • Enjoy the nature around you.


Swimming will do wonders in losing weight. It is fun way to enjoy the summer while getting rid of some extra fat in the body. Swimming is full body workout as it works all major muscles in your body. With ability of burning up to 600 calories an hour, it sure is tiring and benefiting at the same time.

    • Not everyone is Michael Phillips, so be easy on yourself.
    • Few laps of normal swimming pool length is enough to warm yourself.
    • Try improving your lap time and you will be pushing yourself burning more fat.

Take Stairs

You don’t even realize that you are missing so much of cardio in a day by not using stairs. Use stairs instead of lifts, if you are confident on stairs, you can try skipping few steps on the way up, increasing the intensity.

Taking stairs will not only keep your heart racing, but you ligaments in legs, knees and hip joints lubricated and running well. Don’t miss out on such great benefit.

Key Things to Remember

Some key things to remember doing these some of the best cardio for weight loss at home are to stay hydrated, warmed up properly, have good form and so on. You should warm up before any cardio session, may be by stretching, some mild burpees, pushups, arm circles and so on.

Drink water before, between and after the workout. Without proper hydration, you might have cramps and feel dehydrated. Be replenished with fluids whenever you can and stay hydrated. You don’t need expensive equipment or all the time in the world to perform these cardio for weight loss at home, 20 minutes a day is enough.