Lats Workout at Home

Your back is filled with many big and small muscles. Lats or latissimus dorsi is one of them. Lats are a huge chunk of muscles that gives you the most desired V-tapered look and width in your back. The bigger the lats, the wider you look. They create the stability in the upper back while providing the path for the shoulder and arms to work in unison. Lats workout at home is pretty possible, just you may need to invest in a pair of dumbbells.

Lats Anatomy

Muscles in general have their origin and insertion points between bones. This is how it extends and contracts. Lats in general originates from the lower 6 vertebrate and inserts into the upper arm bone, just below the shoulder joint. This wide origin but small insertion point gives the lat somewhat triangular shape. It is pretty distinctively visible muscle in your back and one of the key pose involves flaring them in competitions.

lats workout at home

Lats Function

Lats primary function is extend, adduct, rotate arms, and draw shoulder inferiorly. In simple words, its function is to pull the elbow close to the body, pull the arm down and back. Drawing your shoulders means you can fully extend you arms up above your body, without folding your arms.

Lats Exercises

The lats workout at home that you can perform will revolve around the function of the lats. Training the muscle in the same way it naturally performs is best for the growth and health. given below are few of the lats workout that you can perform at home without a problem.

  • Pull ups

    Pull ups are by far the simplest exercise to perform, yet tough one to master. Your lats are in perfect position to pull you up to the bar. The very first thing you will need to do is learn to pull with your lats, rather than biceps.

    1. Position yourself below the bar.
    2. Pic your grip (pull up or chin up).
    3. Now begin pulling yourself up by retracting your shoulder blades back.
    4. Hold the contraction at top and return down in controlled way.

lats workout at home

It might be harder to perform as a beginner, but eventually you will learn your way up.

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  • Bent over rows

    This is another useful exercise with tons of variation. You can literally change the muscle targeting with a slight change in movement. You can perform this with a barbell or dumbbells as well. At home, you can perform this exercise with a dumbbell and perform single arm version.

    1. Bend at your knees and hip keeping your upper body straight and almost parallel to ground.
    2. For single arm dumbbell row, hold a dumbbell in one hand and take support with other.
    3. Pull the dumbbell straight up squeezing your back to target upper lats.
    4. Similarly pull the dumbbell to your hips to target your overall lats.
    5. Perform slow controlled reps to put more stress on your muscles.

This might sound complicated, but it is fairly simple exercise.

lats workout at home

  • Lat Pullovers

    Pullovers are great exercise to target both your lats and chest at the same time. It stretches you lats while opening your ribcage muscles. You can perform it with chest or back, only thing that differs is range of motion.

    1. Lay flat on a flat bench with dumbbell between your palms.
    2. Keeping your shoulder blade squeezed, and arms straight, lower the dumbbell back behind your head.
    3. The lower you go, the greater is the stretch in your lats.
    4. Bring the dumbbell up just above the forehead until you feel stretch on the lats.
    5. Repeat the movement but in controlled way.

lats workout at home

This awesome exercise will help you build the lat in easiest way. This will also help you strengthen your core and chest muscles.


These might just look three simple exercise to perform, but the pull up alone is enough to build your lats. Perform these exercises at home to get the best possible results from lats workout at home. For a casual being looking to look good will definitely be impressed with the results they can get out of these simple exercise.

Chest Workout at Home Without Equipment

Not all of us are gym freak. Not all of us can manage going to gym, yet are very passionate for fitness. Some can’t afford the gym fees, while some can’t make it to the gym in their areas. But there are almost all the exercises for whole body that we can do absolutely without any weight. It is quick easy and affordable version of workout. When your nutrition is clean, little effort in exercise can give you desired results. Here is a chest workout plan at home without equipment. You will not require any weights or any fancy equipment.

Chest Workout Routine Without Equipment

Basically, the best and the only best thing you canĀ  do for chest are push ups. There few other ways you can target the chest muscles but nothing will hit them like push ups.

  • Wide stance Push up

    This is done similar to the regular push up, the only difference is that the stance is wider. The wider the hands apart, the focus is shifted more towards the pectoral muscles. You chest will be in full stress throughout the exercise. So you would better drop to your knees if you feel like drooping your form. Do 4 sets of 15 reps and you will be pumping those chest muscles in no time.

  • Diamond Push up

    Opposed to what wide push up is, diamond push up uses all your muscles in upper body to stabilize and work those pecs. It is also called triceps push up because it puts great stress upon the triceps. Bring your hands together and make a diamond shape with the hands facing the floor. Now begin the regular push ups. Do 3 sets of 15 reps and your triceps and chest will be on fire.

    Chest Workout at Home Without Equipment

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  • Chest Dips

    Chest dips are the very simple yet very effective exercise to target and lengthen those chest muscles. If you cannot find any parallel space where you could rest your hands and do dips, you can place 2 chairs in parallel. While doing so, just make sure the chairs are anchored correctly. While doing the dips, slightly tilt your body forward so as to target chest more than the triceps. Do 3 sets of 10-12 reps.

    Chest Workout at Home Without Equipment

  • Decline Push up

    Having targeted the lower chest with dips, and middle chest with almost every variation, now let’s hit upper chest. Do a leg elevated push up. Place your feet on surface higher than your arms. In this way, you can shift your focus towards the upper chest. Hit 3 sets of at least 12 reps.

    Chest Workout at Home Without Equipment

  • Pull Overs

    Now finish off the workout with pull overs. You might have see the barbell version, dumbbell version but this one is different. To add the extra weight, just grab any heavy object you can find in your house. Do the pull overs with that weight and finish off your chest workout at home without equipment. Pull overs basically lengthen your pecs. The lower you go behind, the greater will be the involvement of lats. Do 4 sets of 15 reps.

Conclusion for Chest Workout at Home Without Equipment

To achieve the aesthetics, you don’t really have to do tons of bench press or cable crossovers or chest fly. You can achieve the strength even without weights. Your body weight will help your achieve your goal. This is the chest workout plan without equipment at home. Follow the workout and watch your strength and aesthetic grow.