Warm Up Exercises

The only important thing in your whole workout session is correct form and proper warm up exercises. By not warming up your muscles properly, you run a great risk of injuring yourself. While working out, you have very thin margin for mistake, a slight twist in joint can severely damage your joints and might even end your career on spot. Injury is a curse in bodybuilding or any other sports. And in normal life as well, it messes up your schedule. Here in this post, we will discuss some easy yet effective warm up exercises. You will also learn some basic yet important stretches to perform.

Warm Up and Workout

If you own any vehicle, you probably know how crucial it is to warm the engine. Our body is no different than the engine. While you are at rest, your muscles are at rest, any sudden movement can shock the muscle and cause muscle tear. It is better to loosen the muscle first to prepare it for beating later.

There are few major joints and muscles that needs to be warmed up properly before workout. Joints like shoulder, pelvis region, elbow, knee, etc. needs warming up. These joints are very important and needs proper care. While these joints move freely, your muscles can work at full strength.

Few Warm up Exercises

Some dynamic stretches and some dynamic movements will warm you up pretty quickly with much less effort. Bodybuilders generally perform some stretches and perform light exercise movements in their first few sets to warm their muscles. This as well is very effective way to start up the workout session.

Shoulder Warm Up

Shoulder is the most important joint in upper body. If you screw your shoulder joint, you are likely to get useless from upper body. Some of the warm up exercises are as follows:

Warm Up Exercises

    • Arm Circles:
      Perform this exercise by rotating your arms in circle, clockwise followed by anti-clockwise movement.
    • Shoulder Band Dislocation:
      Hold your arms straight and far apart, pulling on the bands. Raise your arms up and behind your body and bring it back front. It increases the mobility of your shoulder.
    • Cross-body Shoulder Stretch:
      With your arms stretched to the opposite side, hold the stretch with another arm. Applying the stretch in different directions, loosen your different heads of your shoulder.

Glutes Warm Up

Your glutes or hip muscles are one of the bigger muscles in the body. To ensure the good health of your lower body, the mobility in your glutes is very important. Some of the warm up exercises of glutes are:

    • Body Weight Squat:
      With body weight squat, you can go lower in the squat and hold the stretch in your quads, glutes for long. Perform few of these to prepare for the big lift.
    • Glutes Kick Back:
      Work glutes from different angles through glutes kickback. A straight kickback behind will work one muscles while to the side will work another. Perform this from different angles to target overall glutes.
    • Touch Toes:
      Touch toes is one movement that gives you an idea of your hip mobility. With your legs straight(no bend at knees), try touching your toes. You will feel stretch in your hamstrings immediately.

Ankle Warm Up

Ankle warm up is important as well. As there are many small bones in your feet connected to ankle, it is very important that you have healthy ankle to plant yourself on to the ground. Few ankle warm up exercises as follows:

Warm Up Exercises

    • Ankle Circles:
      You can perform this exercise either standing, sitting or in any other position. Bring your leg straight in front of you and perform circle motion with you feet moving from ankle. Do it in clockwise as well as anti-clockwise movement.
    • Ankle Stretch:
      Sit on floor with your feet in front of you. Reach for your toes and pull them towards yourself. You will fee stretch in back of you heel. Then push the toes away from you. This will ensure the mobility of your ankle and help you from spraining it.

Warm Up Exercises

Wrist Warm Up

Wrist strength or grip strength caps up how heavy you can lift. Your other muscles are way stronger than your wrist. Keeping your wrist health will help you add weights to your lifts quickly.

Warm Up Exercises

    • Wrist circles:
      Make a fist with your arms straight. Make clockwise and anti-clockwise circles with your fist. This improves your wrist mobility.
    • Knuckle Push ups:
      Perform pushups with your fist. Sometimes, normal push ups are harder for many due to lack of wrist mobility. Perform this version of pushup and progress to the normal version.

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Other Warm Ups

These are few major joints in the body that needs proper warm up. Flexibility in these joints will help you build your whole body strength.


For chest warm up, perform shoulder warm ups first as shoulder joint plays great role in lifting. The start with few push ups and make first few set of workout as warm up sets.


For back as well, warm your shoulders first. Perform one or two sets of pull ups or chin ups. Perform some stretches like superman pose, cat pose etc and jump right into workout. Make first few set of workout as warm up sets.


Perform shoulder warm up followed by wrist warm up, and warm your elbows with few light sets of exercises. Excessive warm up for arms are not so required as we work them in pulling and pushing movements throughout the day.


Warming up before workout is very very essential. Never ever start lifting heavy straight while you enter the gym. Any sprain in the muscles or joint will throw you off your gym schedule. Your fitness is compromised without proper warm up. So always be wise to perform warm up exercises first before lifting and increase you longevity.