Inner Chest Line Workout

There are lot of people doing workout for inner chest line. They come up this workout from the internet or learn from buddies and start doing them. They don’t bother to refer their trainers at gym or some experienced lifters or even investigate on their own. There is no such thing as “inner chest” at least in existence. This is just the word to reference in the layman way the area between the two chest muscles.

There are just two parts to the chest muscle, pectoralis major and pectoralis minor. There is no lower chest in theory as well, it is just the different angle of targeting the big chunk of pectoral muscle.

About Inner Chest Line

While it is physically visible in the chest area, it cannot be specifically targeted. You cannot do bunch of exercises and make the inner chest grow. It comes as a consequence of building the overall chest muscle. It is the area which connects with the sternum or the breast bone. The movement of arms with relation to the sternum while doing chest exercises will determine the focus on the inner part of chest.

While there is pretty much great role of genetics involved about how your chest muscles are going to grow. There is not much you can do about how it will look. Some have big sternum which creates greater gap between the chest muscles while some have very fine line giving some awesome aesthetic look.

How to target inner chest?

Now as you know that there is no inner chest muscle in specific, targeting it specifically is not possible. However, you can do some exercises or tweak some exercises that will put much more tension in the muscle. You will feel the tension equally spread over the muscle fibers.

To get that tension in the muscle, you need to incorporate exercises where the arms actually cross each other or even meet in the middle. Giving you a hard squeeze in the chest, the result will be muscle growth. This growth will grow your inner portion of chest as well.

inner chest line workout

Exercises to target inner chest area

There are few of the old-school exercises that will help you go beyond your thoughts. With the constant tension in the muscle and greater contraction, your muscles will stretch in whole new direction is you haven’t felt so. Some of the workouts are as follows.

  • Cable crossover

    Cable crossover is few of the workout for inner chest line where your arms can actually cross each other. With your arms crossing, there will be huge tension in the middle portion of the chest due to contraction. And contraction and extension is the way how muscle work and grow.

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  • Close-Grip Dumbbell press

    With your palms facing each other and dumbbells touching each other throughout the movement, at the end of the movement, you will have great contraction. As a result, there will be overall growth in the chest with the growth in the middle area as well.

    inner chest line workout

  • Dumbbell Press

    Switching back and forth between dumbbell and barbell press for chest might be beneficial as well. While doing barbell version, your overall strength increases and you have greater stretch, dumbbell will provide you greater range of motion. You can squeeze your chest muscle more at the top.

  • Pec Dec Fly

    This machine, Pec dec fly, it mimics the dumbbell fly version. While you lose tension at the top of the movement in the dumbbell version, this machine provides constant tension in your muscles even at the end as it is not gravity driven workout. This too will help you with the stretch and contraction of the chest muscle throughout the movement.

Workout Getaway

So, next time someone asks you if you can target the inner chest or ask you for the inner chest line workout, your answer should be no and yes at the same time. Yes you can train them, but you cannot “only” train them. Perform these workouts given above, you can develop your overall strength and size as well with the inner line you want. Again, how your inner line is going to look like depends on your genetics. If you have thicker sternum, you will have bigger gap and vice-versa.

But if you have huge chest muscles, no one is going to pay attention to the gap anyway. Mix these inner chest line workout and tweak your movements to add a little extra squeeze in the muscles. With the overall development of the chest, your areas of chest will grow along them. Even though you cannot target the muscle specifically, you will have a  great workout session with greater contraction in the muscle at least.