Water Fasting for Weight Loss

water fasting for weight loss

Fasting is part of human civilization for very long now. People do fasting for many reason just like, religious region, health issues, detox and all. Specially for health issue, there are number of fasting technique. Intermittent fasting is very good example of such fasting. Now, we can hear about the Water fasting for weight loss as well. So, what really is water fasting, we will discuss in this post.

What is Water Fasting?

Water fasting for weight loss is generally a fasting technique in which the practitioner only drinks water and nothing at all. There are many practices like 7-days water fasting, 10-days water fasting and all. People have seen significant results as well by this technique.

In water fasting for weight loss, you basically teach your body to utilize the stored energy in the body. As we all know, water has no calories at all, this is surviving on our own stored energy. If you know the health benefits of drinking a lot of water, you can easily relate to it. We as a human as well were designed to survive in harsh conditions without food. It is modern day’s thing that we have to eat 3 course meal everyday. so, fasting is absolutely normal.

Why Water Fasting?

As mentioned early, we were designed to survive in harsh condition, yet primitives were strong and lived long. Water fasting has significant benefits when it comes to health. Its advisable to fast once a week. Fasting resets your body naturally, maintains all those hormones and makes you ready for further work.

water fasting for weight loss

Our body is pretty smart than we think. It quickly adopts to the situation we put it in and prepares itself accordingly. When you fast for the first time, it is hell lot of torture, but eventually it becomes easier.

Who Shouldn’t Water Fast?

Water fasting carries a lot of benefits which we will discuss further but there is a catch as well. It is not for everyone out there. If someone with some kind of issue wants to fast more than 24 hours, they should probably take advice from medical personnel first. Some of who should not fast are:

  • have a eating disorder or problem
  • are underweight
  • pregnant of breast-feeding
  • with heart disease
  • type 1 diabetes
  • uncontrolled migraine
  • going through blood transfusion
  • with medical issues
  • older adults and teens

These are few who need to take good care of when dieting or should not carry it further I would suggest.

Health Benefits of Water Fasting

If you are obese and overweight to extreme level, you can seek help of this fasting method. It has a lot of health benefits with it. It is found to help fight disease like cancer as well. Some of the benefits of water fasting are:

  • Fat Burner
    Naturally, fat is our stored energy source. When the body use up all the calories from food, it burns fat for energy. While water fasting for weight loss is a debating topic, take good care while resuming eating. Switching to healthier eating habit can show prominent results. Make it a lifestyle change and do it occasionally to detox and lose some inches.
  • Blood pressure
    Maintaining high blood pressure through water fasting is found beneficial by many. If you have a high BP problem, give it a shot and test for yourself.
  • Body Detox
    There is a craze for detox diet and drinks recently. When we are eating crap, our body is full of crap. Every sense and organs suffer from crappy diet. Going on a water fast can actually help your detox your body. Water is essential for body as we are 70% water. So, a break from crap can make you feel good.
  • Digestive System Health
    With fasting, you are helping ease off pressure from your digestive system. You system will shut itself down 3 days into the fasting. When you get off the fasting, of course safely and slowly, you digestive system will be healthy and active like never. Your bowel movements will be clear and smooth. You will feel like every ounce of food you eat is being utilized properly.
  • Cancer Prevention
    It is found through researches that fasting is effective in destroying the growth of cancer cell. In animals, intermittent fasting is found to reduce the growth of cancer in skin and breast tissue. Fasting can reduce and destroy the growth of cancer cell, so, it can be a powerful medication for cancer.

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There are many other many other benefits to fasting but it is necessary to take precautions as well.

  • earlier mentioned people should not take water fasting
  • get off the fasting slow and easily
  • switch to healthy eating habits after the fasting
  • don’t go too long on the water fasting


Though water fasting sounds like a magic, starting the fasting will drive you crazy for few days. Hunger, headaches, slow metabolism, tiredness, everything will come and go. You will feel disgusting but you should hold on to it. Once you get used to or your body starts adopting, you will see results. The fasting too becomes easy and exciting. You will lose weight as a result of your body utilizing fat for energy.

Getting off the fasting is challenging though. You will have to introduce food to your system just like feeding a baby. Starting from liquids to thickening the diet. Start with juice for few days, move on to boiled vegetables, and a week or so, you will be ready for solid foods.

Hence, these were few of the information on the water fasting for weight loss. You will lose weight at significant pace, but if you start crap after the fast, it is going to come back immediately. Switch to healthier eating habits and perform water fasting on set intervals. Make it your lifestyle and you can have a healthier mind and body to live with.


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