Get Rid of Love Handles

Some people are just blessed with awkwardly odd looking side fat. The term is “Love Handles”. Not much people know the actual name by almost all are fade up with it. It is one of the first places your body starts to store fat. And surprisingly, its the last one to get rid of as well. So, you are just stuck with it forever unless you are really determined to get it off. While the process to get rid of love handles isn’t that twisty, lack of discipline can just throw you miles of the track. We will discuss some of the easy ways of losing love handles or so called side fat.

What Causes Love Handles?

There are many causes for why you have love handles, but there are few of the pronounced causes. Tight clothes aren’t the reason for the bulging of the love handles, its the diet that you need to keep eye on. Some of the common reasons for love handles are:

    • Hormones specifically too much cortisol
    • Lack of physical activities
    • Slow metabolism due to some medical conditions
    • High caloric diet with excess sugar or carbs
    • Age
    • Lack of enough sleep

These are just few of the common causes that helps you grow your love handles. There are exercises and diet patterns that work together to shed most of the fat from that area. As you know, you cannot spot reduce fat, lowering down whole body fat level is the key.

Lifestyle Changes to Lose Love Handles

The way you feel for yourself has major role in how your approach the rest of the world. If you feel good about yourself, you will definitely see good in others as well. There are few of the lifestyle changes that you can adopt to get rid of love handles and keep it off for good.

    • Lose whatever excess weight you carry off your body. This will not only make you look good, it will also ensure health of your heart.
    • Give proteins and green veggies a bigger portion in your diet.
    • Keep sodium intake below 2300 milligrams as sodium holds water.
    • Make a habit of mild to moderate physical activity daily. It can be anything from skipping ropes to heavy weight lifting.
    • You can as well opt for clothing that is not tight to the skin. A slight lose fitting will help you mask those love handles.

Exercises to Get Rid of Love Handles Fast

Exercises can help you tone the muscles. Love handles are the part of your core muscles. The muscle helps in the stability of the core and sits below the obliques. Knowing the movement pattern of the muscle can help you design a workout routine that better suits your body. Though, given are few of the common and general exercises that you can perform to lose your side fat given that you are on point with your diet.

Side Plank

It is a version of plank that you perform on your sides. While you hold your body straight, your upper obliques fights against the gravity to keep your body straight. Perform this for 30 secs if you are just starting. Keep progressing on the time. Once you hit 1 minute mark, you can perform its another version by just letting your hip dip down and raising it back up.

get rid of love handles

Air Bike or Bicycle Crunch

Do some controlled reps to actually feel the burn.

    • Lie flat on your back
    • Keep hands behind your head
    • Lift your head and shoulder above the ground as in crunches
    • Lift your leg in air
    • Now try touching your opposite knee and elbow slowly

get rid of love handles

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Hanging Leg Raises

Hanging from the bar and lifting your lower body is totally a different challenge for your core.

    • Get to the pull-up bar
    • While hanging from the bar, keep your tight
    • With neutral spine, raise your straight leg in front of you
    • Hold it for a second and lower it back down

get rid of love handles

Perform this for 10 slow controlled reps and watch your abs taking shape.

Russian Twist

One of the challenging yet awesome exercise to perform is russian twist. You can have weight in your hands or just perform it without weights. It is pretty simple yet rewarding exercise.

    • Sit on the floor with legs raised off the ground and arms straight
    • Balance yourself on ground
    • With your feet off the ground, twist your upper body with straight arms side to side
    • If it is hard for you, you can keep your feet on the ground.

Perform slow controlled reps to have better mind muscle connection.

get rid of love handles

Jumping Burpees

Burpees are great fat burning exercise. When you add jump to the end, you are forcing some extra effort out from the body. This will burn some more calories.

    • Get into the push up position
    • Bring your knees forward
    • Kick the feet back again to stand
    • Once you are in standing position, quickly go for a jump
    • Upon landing quickly get back to the starting position

get rid of love handles

Be quick through the transition. With explosive movement, you work multiple muscles in the body burning off much more calories.

Take Away

Diet and exercise combined can give you any look your desire to have. The only thing you will need extra is dedication and discipline. Perform these exercises and tips given above to get rid of love handles. If you have some suggestions, do comment below so that we can include them in next posts.


Best Health Apps for iPhone

Health is your real treasure. The same old saying “health is wealth” speaks out every time. While you can be working day and night and still just make time to take care of yourself, a little help is always appreciated. With the leading smartphone giants lending their helping hands in the fitness sectors with health devices, an app is just extra help. Here we will talk about some of the best health apps for iPhone or iOS in general. Health apps not only helps you to track your health, but also your daily activities like steps, calories, exercise etc. It is not must but a benefit to have by your side.

best health apps for iphone

Health Apps for iPhone

There are many developers that create apps for both android and iOS simultaneously. Apple has its own sets of rules and regulation that might cause the apps to differ, but they have same working in the end. Some of the best health apps or fitness apps for iPhone is listed below.

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MyFitnessPal is the easiest and simplest app you can get to monitor your eating and spending habit. The database of this app holds more than 5,000,000 foods and it remembers your pattern. You just input your foods you ate and you can get the macro breakdown according to your goal. There is an inbuilt step tracker than can assist you in daily goals. This app can work along side with over 50 smart devices.

Download here: MyFitnessPal


It, as its name suggests, tracks your running activities. Running or jogging whatever you say is adopted by huge people who wants to get in shape. This app provides the exactly the thing you will require to keep track of your running and make running schedule effective and efficient. The app works for hiking, cycling, walking, trekking or forms of skiing. All in all, it is very effective app. It keeps your data  with access to your location and motion and plots your progress on maps.

Download here: Runkeeper

best health apps for iphone

Fitness Point

This app shifts your focus towards the strength training side. It contains numbers of exercises split according to their body part. The interesting part is each exercise has its own animation to explain, a written description and muscles worked. This will be beneficial to all those beginners struggling to keep their form right. Performance with knowledge always pays off. With exercises, there are cardio options and stretches listed as well. You can create your own workout routine, make use of the in-built rest timer and have yourself assisted.

Download here: Fitness Point


Fitocracy is the gamified version of fitness app. You perform exercises in the real world and log them into the app. As you log your workout, you gain points that you can use to level up. It is a workout tracker that acts as a social media platform. You not only help yourself with the exercises, but motivate others as well. You can as well get motivated from coaches if you ever need one. While the app and points are virtual, the efforts you put into completing them rewards you in reality.

Download here: Fitocracy

Lose It!

Another app that helps you achieve your goal is Lose It! It has some brilliant weight loss program. Just feed in your daily budget and goals for macro nutrients and you are good to go. Based on your goal, the app creates a weight loss program to help you achieve your goal. Keep track of your food, exercises and identify your bottleneck to losing weight. Fitness devices connect seamlessly with the app and aids you in tracking your activities efficiently.

Download here: Lose It!

Take Away for Best Health Apps for iPhone

While I might have skipped upon some of other best health apps for iPhone, these apps work just fine to track your goals being fulfilled. Give these apps a try and am sure you will be amazed at how well they perform.

Best Fitness Apps for Android

Fitness is all about dedication, hardwork and discipline. You can be working your ass off, but if you miss on any of these points, it feels incomplete. Dedication and hardwork is what you need to put your 100% efforts in and discipline is very important to be focused. Right in the discipline category there falls logging part or documentation that you might prefer. It is very important to track your activity, your journey, all the energy that you push into your body and extract back from it. There are plenty of apps in Play Store android that you can use to tack your activity. This topic deals with some of the best fitness apps for android as of now. Getting all noted down will not only help you track your progress, but also plan for later.

best fitness apps for android

Workout Diary Apps

All modern workout log apps are like those old school methods, just more convenient ones. In older days, bodybuilders or any fitness athletes used to write down their activities, their personal best, their workout structure, everything in little notebooks. These days, there are apps that do the same. Some of them allow you to enter your own workouts, meal plan, lifts details and all while some let you choose from the list. This way or other, they have made it easier to track down the progress. Some of the best fitness apps for android is listed below.


Fitnotes is available on Google Playstore as the most basic version of tracker apps. Its like the old school version. You fill in the details and note everything down in your workout routine. You can keep track of your body weight, fat etc. Create your workout plan prior to the workout and track it down. It is simply one of the best fitness apps for android if you don’t like all those fuzzy distracting stuffs.

Download Fitnotes from here: Fitnotes

best fitness apps for android


MyFitnessPal is another great fitness tracker app that logs down your nutrition information. You basically track all yours macros by writing all the items that you had and at what quantity. This app breaks down your food into macros and calories and gives you window to have meal in that caloric window. It also tracks your cardio activity and can pair up with your fitness device to log the activity.

Download MyFitnessPal from here: MyFitnessPal

Leap Fitness Workout Apps

This is not a single app, but bunch of apps available on android play store. It operates under the name Leap Fitness Workout Apps. The apps are available according to your need and interest. There are workout tracker apps, log apps, workout planner apps etc. Basically you are getting whole lot of choices under the same name. Do give it a try.

Download here: Leap Fitness Workout apps

best fitness apps for android

Stronglifts 5×5

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It is one of the most effective workout planner, fitness tracker, weight lifting log, workout timer and many more in single app. As the name suggests, it works in 5×5 workout pattern; 5 sets with 5 reps each. This app incorporates basically all your compound lifts and lets you train intelligently. This app will definitely make you disciplined and help you crush your goals.

Download Here: Stronglifts 5×5

JEFIT Workout Tracker

JEFIT app adds value to your workout. It has numerous workout routines that suits from beginner to god knows what level. You can have your customized workout plan as per your wish. Track your activities and crush your goals. This app has numerous exercises with well explained videos to perform the workout. You not only get a workout planner and tracker app but also a personal coach with this android app.

Download Here: JEFIT Workout Tracker

The Take Away

Fitness tracker apps are a great deal to stay fit in this busy world. People tend to take even basic precautions to keep themselves healthy like walking, mild exercise, avoiding junk etc. Having an app that can help you in your journey of fitness is like a helping hand. Be disciplined and motivated and track your progress fulfilling your goals.